Sara Raney Senior Travel Advisor Has Been Invited To Speak At Nevada Spotlight Senior Services On The Fun And Myths Of Cruise Travel

Sara Raney, Senior Travel Advisor, Author and Certified Tour Manager is a guest lecturer at the grand opening of Nevada Spotlight Senior Services.

Senior Travel Advisor, Sara Raney of Travels With Sara Raney, LLC will share several of her top senior and special needs travel tips May 27, 2015 at the Spotlight Senior Services grand opening.

Helping seniors replace the little-known pitfalls of cruise travel with a relaxing, fun-filled cruise experience will be the topic of Raney’s speech.

Unlike traditional travel agents, Raney specializes with seniors and special needs travelers because, as a senior world traveler, she has first-hand experience with the lack of understanding when it comes to senior travel.

Raney’s mission to assist other seniors began when she and her late husband were stranded in Belize after they were forced to leave the cruise ship because of health issues. In response, Raney wrote, the “Senior Travel Guide: How To Survive Squatty Potties And More!” so she could help seniors around the world avoid potential mishaps while planning for fun, hassle-free travel experiences.

Because of Raney’s passion to treat seniors and special needs travelers with dignity, the Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Nevada honored her with the Independent Contractor of the Year award. 

Raney states, “I know you do not want to be known as someone with special needs, or handicapped. Let’s face it… if you need a wheelchair, special food, large print menu or you walk with a cane, then you have special needs. The good news is there are many senior-friendly tours you can take and have a wonderful, hassle-free time!”

The “Senior Travel Guide” book mirrors the tips Raney will be revealing during her Spotlight Senior Services speech; including…

 What to do if a roommate cancels at the last minute?

 How to determine if the offered travel insurance is designed to protect the traveler or the cruise line?

• What to do if the ship leaves port… and the traveler behind?

• How to make special needs arrangements for service animals, wheelchairs, scooters, etc.?

• Travelers’ rights if they are asked to leave the ship in another country due to illness or injury?

Basically, Raney’s “Senior Travel Guide” and signature speech explain the considerations that need to be made when a senior or person of special needs is planning a trip or a cruise; and what to do when the unexpected happens so the traveler can be confident of a joyful, hassle-free experience.

Raney’s senior travel book is already impacting the senior community. In fact, after a book signing, one of the “Senior Travel Guide” readers stated, “I was really impressed with Raney’s knowledge about all the things that seniors need to think about, and be aware of, when you travel abroad.(Especially if you have special needs.) I found her book to be very useful. Quite funny, too. I highly recommend reading this BEFORE you travel out of the country!”

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