Fashion designer turns director on Malan Breton — A Journey to Taiwan and wins the NYCIFF award for “Best Short Documentary”

A Journey to Taiwan wins the NYCIFF award for “Best Short Documentary”. The NYCIFF (New York City International Film Festival) announced that it has elected to submit Malan Breton – A Journey to Taiwan, to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for 2016 Academy Award consideration.

“Malan Breton – A Journey to Taiwan takes us on a journey to Taiwan, to find inspiration, to revisit his (Breton’s) childhood, to honor his grandmother, and to create the most pivotal collection of fashion he has ever shown at New York Fashion Week.” — IMDB

The film marks the directorial debut of Malan Breton and includes cameos by Breton’s muses Frankie Grande, Kiera Chaplin, Angel Pai, and on the mainstage a collection of fashion that reflects Breton’s love of Taiwan and all of its beautiful locations, Breton’s country of origin.

Produced by Bonnie Bien in Association with Taiwan; The Heart of Asia, Malan Breton – A Journey to Taiwan; is a journey of love, a story of the American dream, come to life in this fashion fairytale. One of the most vulnerable views into a collection, and life of this most cherished, and award winning young fashion designer, that must be seen to be believed.

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Malan Breton:

Malan Breton is the designer and creative director of Malan Breton, Malan Breton – Fantome, Malan Breton HOMME, and Malan Breton Bridal Collections. Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Breton, currently resides in New York City. He has been designing since the age of 11 and is known for his signature detailing, and fabrics. Malan Breton is noticed as one of the top three hundred of all luxury brands in the world. In 2015 Malan Breton received the Taiwan Award an honour given by the President and Government of Taiwan. In 2015 Malan Breton took on the role of film director for the award winning film “Malan Breton – A Journey to Taiwan”, in which he starred, wrote, sang, and directed. The film won “Best Documentary Short” at the NYC International Film Festival. The NYCIFF announced that it has elected to submit “Malan Breton A Journey to Taiwan” to the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences for 2016 Academy Awards consideration. Malan Breton won the 2014 European Fashion Council “Eirene” Fashion Award, the 2014 Fashion Icon of the Year award from UCOF, and was nominated for a 2011 WGSN Global Fashion Award.

In Sept of 2014, Malan Breton was named number 16 of the top 100 most popular people in entertainment, for his work in fashion, and costume, in American television from Taiwan by IMDB. In April of 2014 Malan Breton was voted by the 24th most famous person from Taiwan for his work in fashion. In November of 2014, Malan Breton was ranked at #10 of the top #200 fashion companies in the world for their presence in social media.

Malan Breton has dressed A-list stars like Ariana Grande, Keith Carradine, Michael Buble, Martha Plimpton, Minnie Driver, Kylie Minogue, Ricki Lake, Daniel Craig, Katrina Bowden, Kathy Lee Gifford, Sam Witwer, Omar Sharif Jr, Frankie Grande, Paul Wesley, and Nolan Gerard – Funk, to name only a few. Breton’s fashions have noted mentions on the Oscar, Grammy, Cannes, Golden Horse, Met Gala 2015, and numerous other A-list red carpets around the world, also dressing 2013 TONY awards winner Jerry Mitchell on his winning night, and 2014 TONY Award winner for “Best Musical” Bryce Pinkham.

A Journey to Taiwan

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