Action Jackson Trucking Company’s Kickstarter Campaign is Mother’s Bliss

Licensed US freight shipping and trucking company Action Jackson has made quite a name for itself. The new Mother’s Bliss baby bottle holder campaign on Kickstarter really puts the company under a new spotlight.

Action Jackson mostly deals with trucks and tractor related work, but this amazing Mother’s Bliss baby bottle holder is quite unique. In deciding to proceed with a program that has practically no resemblance to the kind of work the company is known for, it has also taken risks and faced challenges, right till the end of the final creative stage.

In an effort that deserves to be applauded, Action Jackson has many reasons to proceed with Mother’s Bliss.

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As the world’s first baby bottle holder that not only helps in the baby feeding process but also induces sleep patterns, there are other qualities that make this an outstanding product. It glows in the dark, easy-to-find without having to turn on the lights. It has a wind-up music box with calming lullabies to help any baby sleep. The bottle is also changeable even when the baby sleeps and the baby’s light movements will not upset the bottle holder’s position.

At a recent press meet, a truck driver of this company called Henry Jackson said, “I’m quite positive about the outcome of the project. It feels great to be a part of the Kickstarter Campaign and this time for a lightweight bottle holder that is very easy to use. Never before did our company back up a project related to women’s interest. But it was the concept that appealed to us the most. We are confident that despite operating on localized levels in the US, our company can face the obstacles arising out of this program, if any and continue rendering support.”

Action Jackson Trucking Company has certainly proven an example before others by getting started with the Kickstarter Campaign, which can be viewed at

About the Company

Action Jackson Trucking has primarily dealt with transport of cargo, freights and supplies so this campaign is a very new experience.

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“Mother’s Bliss” Prototype

“Mother’s Bliss” Prototype – Pic 2

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