Canadian Norm Nopper Featured on Chicago’s Remarkable Radio Show to Enlighten Innovators on Turning Ideas into Sellable Products

Innovation and Commercialization Expert, Norm Nopper travels the globe teaching people about the challenges involved in the process of taking an idea and turning it into a business

Markham, Ontario – May 2015 – Innovation and Commercialization Expert Norm Nopper was named a Remarkable Expert by a popular Chicago radio show called Remarkable Radio. The show spotlights “Noteworthy Experts, People, Places, and Things from around the globe and in your town.” Norm Nopper was invited on the show to talk about the challenges involved in the process of taking an idea and turning it into a saleable product using principles from his recent book titled “From Innovation To Invoice- 6 Critical Actions To Turn Your Invention Into A Business.” The show aired on a Saturday afternoon on AM560 The Answer, one of the premier talk stations in Chicago.

Nopper got his inspiration through a journey with his brother to commercialize his invention. His experience came from working with his brother Roland to turn a product called “Backbone for Reach Trucks” into a viable commercial venture. Norm Nopper shared his expertise with Chicago’s remarkable show listeners.

“It’s a great privilege to be here and I’m glad I can share my knowledge with everyone. It is sad to imagine how many inventors have kept their ideas dormant, and have their creativity killed due to fear of commercialization,” Nopper stated.

As an expert with 30 years experience, he has worked with other inventors, professional colleagues and corporate organizations to come up with master plans for commercializing their ideas into products and services. Norm Nopper is available for invention, start up and business consulting services. He offers 1 to 3 day workshops for clients who would like to meet him one-on-one and learn directly from him.

In his guide for basement and garage inventors, Norm presents practical advice to take inventions from concept to product launch and help inventors avoid costly pitfalls. On the radio interview, he talked about the challenges of turning an invention into money and sends out a warning that the biggest challenge in the whole process is in the selection of a team and partners. Working with the wrong partners can be a landmine waiting to go off.

Norm has 30 years experience working for corporate organizations renowned for innovation. Here is what a few people have to say about Norm:

“There are plenty of how-to guides for new entrepreneurs out there: This one is geared to basement tinkerers who have created something worth bringing to market, but aren’t sure how to get started… Nopper’s introduction says he hoped to write a ‘readable book that provides the essentials’ and he succeeded.” – Laura Ramsay, Financial Post

“Norm, individuals such as yourself drive the Torontonian and Canadian economy, providing fresh and innovative ideas to an ever broadening market, and proving that Canada is a world leader in business and entrepreneurship.” – Former Mayor Rob Ford, City of Toronto.

Interested organizations can call Norm Nopper to speak or give a lecture on commercialization. To hear the full interview, or to get more information about Norm Nopper, visit:

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