Tagavent – Innovative App Will Revolutionize the Way People Socialize

Offering a Solution for Individuals to Connect with Like-Minded People with Ease

London, United Kingdom – May 15, 2015Tagavent is an idea that was developed on a Eurostar train ride from Paris to London. Now it is a full-blown concept that is ready to take socializing and event planning to the next level. It is a new way to discover social gatherings, along with organizing and sharing events. In order to make Tagavent available, they have turned to the crowdfunding community. The creators launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise $100,000.

Ever spent hours putting together an event and precious energy text messaging invitations to people? Does the Facebook event invitation sent out get lost amongst the vast notifications received daily? Want to be able to see pictures of last night’s event without having to message attendees for it? It can be frustrating at times to effectively organize and record social gatherings on the social media platforms available today. However, with Tagavent that is all about the change. It adds another dimension to socializing that offers a modern twist to become a central place for everyone to enjoy.

Each user has their own personal calendar where they can create, organize, and find events. Through Ticketmaster and Skiddle, a person can purchase tickets to concerts, ballet, theatres, and much more. Individuals can add friends and family on Tagavent to see what events they are going to, while also being able to share their calendar with their social circle. There is the option to connect with other like-minded people by sending an Ice Breaker request. This will help people broaden their network and make connecting to people much easier.

Those who attend events or parties can also upload pictures that can be viewed by others. This offers a sneak peak into how awesome the gathering was and preserve its memory. Based on current interest, users will get insight on suggested events for local areas near them. Tagavent is here to make people’s social lives easier with a few simple, swipes, and clicks on the mobile device.

The launch will begin in the vibrant and exciting city of London. After that it will go global. Funds raised from the campaign will build the application in Android and Apple, which will take about 3 months to finish. To make a contribution please visit the IndieGoGo campaign or click here. Backers can choose from many attractive rewards as a “thank you” for the support.

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