LectureMonkey™ Announces the World’s First Self Service Lecture Capture Solution for Students

LectureCapture is a fast growing market, and it has shown to be beneficial both the students and faculty. Studies have shown that students see great value in being able to access lecture recordings in order to make up missed classes and review material prior to exams. Many universities are adopting some form of lecture capture, even though it is a hassle for the faculty and expensive for the university. Even secondary and primary schools are starting to experiment with the technology.

“LectureMonkey self service lecture capture is a break though.  It makes it easy for students to collaboratively record, take notes and share any lecture for later review using only their iPhone,” said Jacob Ukelson, LectureMonkey founder.  “LectureMonkey is an invaluable tool for any student, but especially for foreign students or those with special needs.”

But that is only part of the story. Any one that has attended a lecture knows that quality lecture notes and summaries are invaluable, but also know that note taking is hard. Actually the data shows that most students actually take poor notes – if they take any at all.  First year students miss 89% of the important points in class, while senior students still miss about 40%. Studies also show that without notes 30 minutes after class everybody has forgotten half the important points and two weeks later they remember only about 20% – essentially forgetting everything.

Commercial lecture capture is a partial solution – but those systems are expensive, cumbersome and centralized; even the richest universities capture very few of the 100,000,000 lecture hours given annually by colleges around the world, 35,000,000 hours in the US alone.

LectureMonkey provides students with the ability to automatically capture every lecture using their smartphone, making those recordings their notes – which can be easily shared with and enhanced by their classmates. Using only a smartphone and access to the cloud, LectureMonkey combines collaborative lecture capture (high quality audio, board images and presentation capture) and collaborative comments into a crowd sourced, shared, multimedia summary of a class. LectureMonkey uses computer vision techniques and audio post processing to ensure the quality of the capture.

LectureMonkey stores lectures and notes on the phone and in a student’s personal Dropbox®. Lectures are a series of images with synched audio – super high resolution and no expensive video. LectureMonkey provides access to lectures and notes on the web or on a smartphone – anytime, anywhere.

LectureMonkey’s proprietary format ensures that faculty doesn’t have to worry about their lectures being uploaded to YouTube® or Facebook® without permission. Lectures are shared only through LectureMonkey’s managed share capability. Faculty can also use LectureMonkey as a fast, cost effective way to experiment with new teaching paradigms like flipped classrooms, classroom scribes and classroom collaboration.

Our mission is to be every student’s automated note taker, using their iPhone® as a platform that makes it easy to take multimedia collaborative notes that are complete, easy to digest and more valuable than handwritten or typed notes.

About LectureMonkey

LectureMonkey (https://itunes.apple.com/tc/app/lecturemonkey-lecture-recording/id547592845?mt=8) is an iPhone and Web (http://www.lecturemonkey.com) application used by tens of thousands students to record and review thousands of lectures. Our mission is to be every student’s automated note taker and to become a worldwide, student sourced local community learning hub for students, by students.

App link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/lecturemonkey-lecture-recording/id547592845?mt=8

Media Contact
Company Name: LectureMonkey
Contact Person: Jacob P. Ukelson, D.Sc. – Founder
Email: jacob@lecturemonkey.com
Phone: 888-527-0509
City: Tel Aviv
Country: Israel
Website: http://www.lecturemonkey.com