Bulletproof Oakley is an inspiring tale about a disabled dog

Based on a true story, Kristie Karcanes book communicates important messages to children as well as adults.

Kristie Karcanes was so inspired by her adopted dog that she wrote a children’s book about him and is creating a campaign to prevent animal abuse.

The dog’s name is Oakley and he was an owner surrender to a shelter at the age of 9 weeks old. The shelter was told that Oakley was born paralyzed in the back end of his body. He wasn’t there very long before being rescued. He was immediately taken to a vet and X-rays showed that he had a bullet lodged in his spine.

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Karcanes found him through the rescue group posts on social media. She contacted the rescue group and met him the next day. She took him in as a foster, and in less than a week the family realized that Oakley was home.

He became part of the Karcanes’ family that consists of 3 other dogs. He taught himself a unique way to get around. Instead of dragging the back end of his body he bounced on his bottom to get to where he was going. Oakley was soon fitted with a doggy wheelchair that propped up his rear and enabled him to get around like the other dogs.

Oakley as a puppy

As Karcanes says in her own words, “But Oakley had an unflappable attitude and made the best of his disability. It’s one of the many things we love about him.”

Karcanes decided to write a children’s book about her amazing dog, calling it Bulletproof Oakley. Based on this true story, it’s about a disabled dog who dreams of being a superhero to protect other animals from a similar fate.

“Many pets receive improper care because people are not taught how to care for them,” she says. “We want our book to instill compassion, respect, empathy, kindness, sympathy and love; as well as a balanced sense of self-worth. As these characteristics hopefully prevent future bullying, and abuse.”

Karcanes would like to provide Bulletproof Oakley to children’s organizations and schools. A book tour, including the author and Oakley himself, is also a goal.

The budget for this project is $30,000. This would cover creative development of the book, layout and design, registration fees, editing, printing, shipping and marketing.

In order to raise this capital, Karcanes has launched a Kickstarter campaign, which can be viewed at www.kickstarter.com/projects/322258720/bulletproof-oakley

For a $20 contribution, backers will receive a big “thank you” on Oakley’s Facebook page and a Bulletproof Oakley sticker. For $100, you can get an autographed copy of the book, and a Bulletproof Oakley Calendar. A $200 pledge is good for an autographed copy of the book plus, Bulletproof Oakley calendar, and a Bulletproof Oakley T-shirt.

“Children’s interactions with animals are most crucial in the early development stage,” notes Karcanes. “By teaching kids to be responsible, respectful and kind to animals, we are validating a child’s need for attention in a healthy, positive manner.”

For additional information, visit www.kickstarter.com/projects/322258720/bulletproof-oakley or the Bulletproof Oakley Facebook page, www.facebook.com/BulletproofOakley

Karcanes can be reached directly at kkarcanes@gmail.com

Bulletproof Oakley

What cruelty and neglect can take away, love and kindness can rebuild. Take a stand against animal cruelty.

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