New Portable Rostrum Camera Stand is a Versatile Tool for Taking Stunning Photos and Videos with Phones, Tablets and Cameras

For more than a century, the Rostrum Camera Stand (RCS) has been the movie maker’s and photographer’s most trusted tool for shooting reliable, stable photos and movies from an overhead point of view. The 21st century version of the RCS developed by Lex McColl retains all of the most important features of the traditional stand including perfect stability and the eye-catching bird’s eye view from above the subject, but introduces new features that make it ideal for modern photographers. These new features include portability, eco-friendly design and compatibility with a wide range of smartphones, tablets and cameras.

The new Rostrum Camera Stand will enable photographers and movie makers of all skills levels to shoot pro quality overhead photos and videos using today’s modern camera devices.. After months of design development, Lex finalized the RCS which includes a lens adaptor/ flash diffuser pad with portholes for almost any digital or film camera device. The sturdy Rostrum Camera Stand is crafted from advanced translucent polymer and can be set up in a matter of seconds. This RCS is ideal for travelling photographers as it folds up compactly into a smartcase—which also doubles as a light diffuser.

The Rostrum Camera Stand works with almost all cameras, smartphones, tablets (up to 12”), phablets, mirrorless cameras and compact cameras. The RCS may be mounted on any vertical surface with a hook or screw. WiFi, Bluetooth or NFC enabled devices can be activated remotely, while others can be used in conjunction with a cable release or manually. The incredibly stable triple lock, pyramidal design offers perfect stability and security ensuring that photos, videos and stop motion films are of professional quality.

Although the Rostrum Camera Stand has earned rave reviews from industry experts like Life in LOFI Iphoneography and Beta Crunch, as well as consumers, it has not yet entered mass production. Lex McColl and his team have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the $10,631 needed to produce the initial production run and literally get the RCS off the ground. Backers of this project can obtain the Rostrum Camera Stand ahead of the general public and at an attractive discounted price.

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