Hoppers – Compelling Sci-Fi Film Prompts One Question “What is Hoppers?”

Screenwriter Sorrentino Announces Kickstarter Campaign to Fund the Film Project

Lancaster, PA – May 18, 2015Hoppers is a new horror sci-fi film that is getting lots of buzz within the entertainment industry. Creator Joey Sorrentino is excited to show this project to the world. The film has been called one of the most unique movies in the science-fiction/horror genre to surface. However, in order to produce something this great takes time and money. This is why the team has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $22,000 by June 4th, 2015. Funds raised will go towards producing the trailer to pave the way for Hoppers to become a feature film.

The screenplay surrounds around Detective Mike Gregg. He is a man that cannot help himself as his life spirals out of control. Gregg is going through a divorce and is estranged from his sons. His addiction to alcohol and one-night stands has him feeling empty and useless inside. All the while he is at a job that used to mean something to him, but now means nothing. It has cost him the things he loves the most and so desperately wishes to get back – his family.

Then something happens that cannot be explained. There is a mass murderer on the loose that is picking apart girls left and right. Now it is up to Detective Mike Gregg to solve the case. However, this is not just any ordinary case. A stranger named Richard Lyle tells Gregg who they are really looking for and there is much more to the story than meets the eye. Throughout the story Gregg’s sanity is tested and he is pushed to the limits to question almost everything he sees.

“One of the things that really struck me about the film is the writing of the script. The script is extremely well-written with amazing character development and plot build up,” says Bryan DeSanto, actor to play Detective Mike Gregg. “I am very excited to part of this project. The way it’s brought about with plot twists and turns and intersections of the characters is very intriguing.”

Hoppers is a film that will keep audiences at the edge of their seats. The movie’s unique and compelling story takes the meaning of sci-fi and horror to a completely new level. My Little Rascal Productions is excited to join with Big Dog Video Productions to produce the movie. Chaos Theory Creations, Inc. will handle SFX. Actors and actresses have already been hired and the team is ready to begin the trailer.

Those wishing to make a contribution to support Hoppers, can do so by visiting the Kickstarter campaign or clicking here. Backers can choose from many attractive rewards as a “thank you” for the support. Perks range from merchandise to naming a character or be part of the trailer.

This is an “all-or-nothing” deal, which means if the campaign goal is not met then they will not receive anything assistance. So know that a donation of any amount counts. Please share this with other film buffs on Facebook, Twitter @MyLittleRascal1, and other social networks. Let friends and families know how they can help make this incredible film a reality!

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