State Parkers – Innovative Solution Sheds Light on the Untold Beauty Nature

Couple from Texas Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Make this Project a Reality

Austin, TX – May 18, 2015 – A passionate couple residing in Austin, Texas, Melody and Clint Parker, are excited to launch their Kickstarter campaign to fund the State Parkers project. This project will release videos and photos from the couples experience and adventures exploring the private lands, National Parks, and State Parks to inspire others to go outside to experience the beauty of nature. The goal of the Kickstarter campaign is to raise $10,000 by June 13th, 2015.

Melody and Clint’s lives were changed the moment they were introduced to hiking and sat on top of the famous Enchanted Rock in Central Texas. Having reached the lowest point in their lives, they were desperately trying to find a saving grace to bring happiness back into their hearts. The Parkers were able to find meaning, clarity, and passion back into their lives in the very moment they reconnected with the natural world. This is when the couple realized how much they loved nature. Now they hope to bring this connection and passion for nature to others through the State Parkers project. They want to use this as an effective way to inform and encourage others to enjoy a new hobby that can relieve tremendous stress and help people get a break from the daily stresses of life.

The creators are both very talented artists; Melody is a photographer and Clint is a videographer. They combine their talents to create an incredible visual experience that cannot be found anywhere else. The couple also writes and produces the music in the videos, which is a major part of the production process to take audiences on an incredible journey. Not only will this be great for adults to enjoy, but also influence the younger generation. The time to expose the true beauty of the natural landmarks around the world is now. This will help protect these lands and expose to areas that are not as popular around the world.

However, the expenses to keep up with their adventures has caused them to bring their exploration to a halt. Now they have turned to the crowdfunding community to help them restart the State Parkers project. Funds raised from the campaign will go towards expenses for travels such as gear, transportation, and food. It will also help raise awareness of their adventures to spread the word faster around the world.

To make a contribution and help make State Parkers a reality, please visit the Kickstarter campaign or click here. Backers can choose from many attractive rewards as a “thank you” for the support.

This is an “all-or-nothing” deal, which means if the campaign does not reach the fund goal then the project will not receive any assistance. So know that any amount donated counts. Help even more by sharing this on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. With the help of everyone, people can finally see the mesmerizing natural landscape available out there! 

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Company Name: State Parkers
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Country: United States