Fun Jewelry Accessories Empowers Over Twelve Hundred Women To Earn A Second Income was created after a woman created a $7,000 per month income after starting her own jewelry business, and has since helped over twelve hundred women start their own.

Some time ago, a family was struggling to pay the bills. In order to help her husband, a woman known to her friends as Debs started a business venture, which soon grew to earn her no less than seven thousand dollars a month. The astonishing success was thanks to a program by Paparazzi jewelry, and she has now created her own website to share tips about how best to take advantage of that program. The website has just crossed a major milestone, helping more than twelve hundred women follow in her footsteps. 

The website includes detailed information on the Paparazzi jewelry program as well as a personal video message from Debs, demonstrating her products and encouraging people to sign up. That is just where it begins however, as the website also features detailed resources on how to set up for success with the generous program, which offers a 45% commission on all items to every seller. 

As well as encouraging people to Join Paparazzi Jewelry, they can also join as part of Debs’ team. Debs is part of the Crown 75, the top performers in the company, and through her sales strategies has won multiple holidays and even a brand new car. 

A spokesperson for Fun Jewelry Accessories explained, “Paparazzi has set up an amazing way to turn jewelry selling into a viable business model, and has enabled an entire generation of stay at home mothers to create financial independence not just for themselves but for their families too. Debs is one of the company’s most inspiring success stories, and she sees that as a real responsibility. She spends a huge amount of her time sharing insider secrets with newcomers to help them get ahead, and all of these can be discovered by joining her team on the site.”

About Fun Jewelry Accessories:

Fun Jewelry Accessories is an online resource center created by a stay at home businesswoman which in order to earn a second income for her family. Her success was so great that she decided to help others achieve the same thing, and has created a suite of regularly updated articles, advice and recommendations for those looking to make money through jewelry.

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