How to Avoid Getting Ill If You Are Grilling This Memorial Day

If you are planning to get the barbecue out this Memorial Day weekend, remember – safety first!


When you are grilling food, undercooked food should be a major concern. “Most people are unaware that there is bacteria on every piece of raw meat, poultry and fish,” says Chef Remi who will serve over 1000 customers this Memorial Day weekend. “Its essential that every piece of meat, poultry or fish should have its internal temperature checked with a meat thermometer before serving it to your loved ones to ensure all bacteria are killed.

Another way your family and friends can get food poisoning is from cross-contamination. This is when juices from uncooked foods come into contact with cooked food or other uncooked food. 

Chef Remi recommends the following tips when grilling this Memorial Day weekend:

• Wash your hands before picking up meat, fish and poultry to place on the grill.
• Use a digital meat thermometer to check the internal temperature of your cooked food.  
• Separate your meats, poultry and fish to different sections on the grill.
• Use a different plate to carry meat to and from the grill.
• Paper plates are great as you can dispose of these immediately after preparation or serving.

Chef Remi says “Don’t try to rely on smell or sight to determine if food is ready. The only way to know if harmful bacteria are eliminated is to cook raw food to a safe minimum internal temperature.  It’s even more important to check the internal temperature when re-heating food.”

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