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Reach for the Peak!
Peak Energy’s revolutionary energy blend combines patented D-Ribose with Caffeine and B vitamins in a great tasting energy mint that delivers a rejuvenating boost of energy that lasts for hours

In February of this year Zipp Foods launched their new Fresh Mint flavor of Peak Energy mints at the Convenience ECRM show in Las Vegas. With a high profile presentation team that included the former CEO of the Vicks company and Naturade, as well as Billy Demong, the captain of the US Olympic ski team, Zipp Foods made an energetic impact at the show and closed initial distribution at over 500 retail convenience stores.

With the upcoming debut of an Orange Cream flavor of Peak Energy mints in September of this year Zipp Foods is poised to launch a new 2 tiered merchandising counter-top display that will feature both flavors. The company has positioned their mints as a superior energy alternative energy shots and drinks at retail convenience stores. 

Peak Energy mints are a better alternative to energy shots and drinks. 5 Hour Energy successfully uncovered an unmet consumer demand for portable and instant energy. Well, Peak Energy mints are more portable (easier to fit in your pocket or purse), and way more instant. Mints, as a delivery mechanism for energy, yield the full effects in 5-10 minutes instead of 30-40 minutes for any energy shot or drink that has to go through the slow and inefficient digestive tract. The D-Ribose ingredient makes for a noticeably better feeling of energy that boosts stamina, lasts longer, and has no crash. All 3 of these performance claims are backed by clinical science!

And most importantly at over a dollar less expensive, a pouch of Peak Energy encourages impulse trial and delivers real value for the consumer. The price point gets the trial and the superior performance keeps the consumer coming back for more! The team of seasoned industry professionals at Zipp Foods has shown an ardent dedication to innovation and we expect them to continue to deliver superior energy products that taste great and work fast.

We encourage everyone to “Reach for their Peak” and try Peak Energy mints.

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