Zhou Li Xin, the father of Chondroitin Sulfate application in China, announces that GUAN JIAN YAO SU will only be Supplied to China

Guan Jian Yao Su, an effective medicine to treat osteoarthritis and similar medical conditions, used to be produced by TangShan Fule Pharmaceuticals. The company recently decided to supply the medicine only to China.

In the recent holidays, foreign tourists in China searched for Guan Jian Yao Su, a highly effective drug for treating osteoarthritis. It is the Chinese equivalent for the highly effective compound, chondroitin sulfate. However, the pharmaceutical research institution from Tianjin, recently indicated that its flagship product, ‘Guan Jian Yao Su’,  will only be supplied to China, where the medicine has its origin. 

On behalf of Tangshan Fule Pharmaceuticals, Professor Zhou Li Xin, who actually invented the medicine and widely regarded as the ‘Father of Chinese Chondroitin Sulphate’, has been featured in the ReutersSign in Times Square, proudly answering why American tourists and tourists of other countries rush for Guan Jian Yao Su in recent years. Additionally, Professor Zhou Li Xin is about to announce that the flagship product of Tangshan Fule Pharmaceuticals will only be supplied to consumers in China from now on. The pharmaceutical research institute authorities believe that the strategic decision would help them in bridging the demand and supply gap in China.

Professor Zhou Li Xin, who is the inventor of Guan Jian Yao Su, is also the pioneer in applying Guan Jian Yao Su in the treatment of osteoarthritis disease and similar degenerative bone diseases in China. He leads a team consisting of top Chinese scientists. After seven years of continuous and relentless research, they invented the Guan Jian Yao Su, which is composed of Glucosamine chondroitin sulfate. The medicine is a compound that treats osteoarthritis quite effectively. The leading pharmaceutical researchers formulated the medicine using the Chinese extraction process and world-class technology. The invention of Guan Jian Yao Su brought a revolution in the history of osteopathy treatment in China. It works more effectively in China than the chondroitin sulfate imported from countries such as the USA. Professor Zhou Li Xin will soon point out why Americans who are suffering from similar medical conditions rush for the Chinese alternative to Glucosamine chondroitin sulfate.


The response of Professor Zhou Li Xin will mark his country’s leadership in the medical research field. Professor Zhou Li Xin, is also noted as one of the key people in China’s economic reform and opening up. The announcement of Tangshan Fule Pharmaceuticals has also fuelled the popularity of Guan Jian Yao Su in Chinese dietary supplement industry.

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Professor Zhou Li Xin is the father of chondroitin sulfate application in China. He and his team invented Guan Jian Yao Su. He is also the chairman of TangShan Fule Pharmaceutical and SanXin Group.

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