Liver Transplant Cost in India – Lesser Than Other Countries, Say Experts

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As per (MIT), liver transplant cost in India has been reported to be 10 times lower than the other countries. With the availability of highly experienced doctors and technology, most foreign patients prefer India over other countries today.

New Delhi – May 22, 2015 – With over 30,000 reported enquiries for liver transplant in India in the year 2014, the country has become a preferred location for patients seeking liver transplants from around the world. As per the data published by World Health Organization in late 2011, liver diseases are among the top 10 reasons for causing deaths worldwide.

“Liver ailments have been on the rise worldwide, ever since 2005. As a primary medical assistance service for foreign patients in India, we get most queries for liver transplant cost in India. In this procedure the diseased liver is removed and a healthy liver from a donor is transplanted,” says Samridhi Chodha, COO, (MIT).

The average cost of a liver transplant worldwide is reported to be $400,000 by Miliman Inc. in a survey conducted in the year 2011. However, with the advent of technology and clinical expertise, this cost has come down drastically to an average of $43,000 in India.

“The reason why most foreign patients are choosing India for liver transplantation is because we have been able to reduce the procedure cost by 10 times than that of average cost worldwide. And the quality of the procedure has been enhanced. Most of our partner hospitals ensure the transplant cost includes both pre and post-operative costs,” confirms Samridhi.

The cost for the transplant can escalate if the degree of the disease is higher. For certain diseases such as Cirrhosis of liver, if a decision is taken in time the patient can experience lesser complications.

“Many patients delay the transplant decision by 6 months to 1 year after the first suggestion by their doctor. This increases the complications and thus the cost. We recommend foreign patients to send us their reports for a free medical opinion from our doctors as soon as they are suggested a transplant. This helps us to keep the costs low for them,” explains Samridhi. lately announced a free online medical opinion for liver transplant cost in India on their website.

Organ Transplant Act of India allows live organ transplants between related foreign nationals. Medical travel assistance providers in India help international patients to identify the best liver transplant surgeons in India, coordinate pre-transplant investigations, schedule surgery appointments and also assist with post-transplant follow ups with leading doctors. These companies also assist foreign patients in getting medical visa assistance letters and organize the stay for the patient and their kin, in India as well.

“In India, we are blessed to have a team of highly experienced and renowned doctors such as Dr. Subash Gupta, senior liver transplant surgeon; who possess expertise and acumen in transplant services. With substantial success rates, our doctors ensure excellent post-operative care for our foreign patients and thus higher rate of organ acceptance too,” mentions Samridhi.

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