Yorkberg Compression Sleeves Reach 400 Reviews on Amazon

The Yorkberg brand of calf compression sleeves now has 400 reviews on Amazon.com, reflecting the increasing number of satisfied customers who have already purchased this beneficial item.

May 22, 2015 – Yorkberg calf compression sleeves have now been reviewed 400 times on Amazon.com, the company has announced. These items are beginning to pick up pace. The online retailer says it now has over 2,000 satisfied customers every month, something it considers a success for just a short amount of time on the market.

Made of 25% Spandex and 74% Lycra, the woven calf compression sleeves are designed to reduce fatigue and pain. Users can also recover faster after running. This enables runners and other athletes to reach their fitness goals more easily.

Those who use the sleeves feel less vibration in their calf muscles as their feet hit the ground. Energy expenditure is reduced, so people feel less tired after running. The product also reduces pain from a common problem runners face known as shin splints. Runners can therefore better deal with the discomfort from this painful condition.

In addition, the calf compression sleeves increase blood flow in the lower limbs. A better blood supply enables the extremities to recover much faster after a run. Runners can get back on the road much sooner as they feel better, while their body is primed to recover in a fraction the time.

Yorkberg offers a 60-day – Get the Results or Your Money Back – Guarantee. Customer service is high quality and is always direct via email. Representatives answer any inquiries within 24 hours. Buyers are assured their questions will be answers and their concerns addressed.

The highly praised Yorkberg calf compression sleeve is available now on Amazon.com at http://www.amazon.com/Compression-Sleeve-Treat-Splint-Strains/dp/B00MG4CV7I

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sPZ-JRlPLI

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