Reading Rescuers, Inc. Offers Online Reading Tutorial Using Individualized Reading Instruction

UNITED STATES – May 22, 2015 – As the famous American philosopher William James put it, “So it is with children who learn to read fluently and well: They begin to take flight into whole new worlds as effortlessly as young birds take to the sky.” The importance of reading is relative to an individual’s success. That’s why at a very young age, children are already being endowed with reading skills.

However, there enters the lone fact that not everyone is given the fortunate opportunity to formally learn reading or receive remediation in an institution because of certain factors. And what with the prevalence of computers, internet and the accessibility of most information online, these scholastic game changers are presenting an innovative service from which anyone could benefit.

With the mission that is to provide students and families alike with the topnotch reading education, Reading Rescuers, Inc. offers online tutoring to students and adults who need reading enrichment. What makes it apart from other online tutoring companies is that only reading is tutored and the entire reading course is modified to the student’s needs; the ‘individualized reading instruction’ works this way: first, they assess each student’s capabilities in four reading areas and the lack thereof, identify the student’s current reading level, and then they identify the student’s future academic goals and lastly, develop a personalized education plan for each student.

Reading Rescuers, Inc.’s individualized reading technique is based on research-proven teaching strategies for reading that can immediately acquire results. This technique, as opposed to other online tutoring centers that offer general and broad instructional approach, shows quicker and longer-lasting results. It additionally focuses on the core area of reading instruction: phonics/phonemic awareness, vocabulary, comprehension and fluency.

Moreover, Reading Rescuers, Inc. launched a Kickstarter campaign, which is viewable through this link:

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