Amplify your Sonos System with Netonos Note

NORWALK, CT – May 22, 2015 – Netonos LLC (, founded by two M.I.T. graduates with decades of hardware and software experience, has launched crowdfunding on Kickstarter of their new electronic product, Netonos Note.  Note makes a Sonos multi-room music streaming system even easier to use and significantly expands its capabilities.  Note adds control of surround sound receivers, creation and recall of groups of rooms linked together for playback, custom doorbell chimes played through Sonos speakers, and text-to-voice announcements through Sonos speakers.  Initial feedback suggests that Sonos users will mightily enjoy this product. 

View the Netonos Note Kickstarter here.

Note stacks seamlessly with a Sonos CONNECT to supply automatic control of a surround receiver’s power on and off, source selection and volume control, eliminating the need for multiple remotes.

Note lets you choose your doorbell chime just as you would a ringtone and then it pauses the music and plays the chime throughout the Sonos speakers in your home.  No more problems missing people or package deliveries at the door.

Note can translate text messages to voice and play them throughout your house as well to alert your children to mealtime or to remind your spouse of an important event.

The Kickstarter target goal is $80,000 for first run development and production costs and continues until June 18th.


Richard Costello, former General Electric executive, long-time Sonos user and Netonos advisor said, “I use my Sonos all the time.  Netonos Note will be a great addition to my system with its custom door chimes, quick selection of multiple room groupings and the ability for my wife and I to call each other inside the house or down by the pool.”

Andy Stevens, Netonos Cofounder, said, “Users will like that they can connect Note to their surround receiver with a network, serial, infrared or even a 12-volt trigger cable and Note will control it, with no programming involved.  Note manages all of the technical complexities transparently; just press play on your Sonos and your surround system comes alive.”

Bob Weiner, Netonos Cofounder, explained, “Consumers are flooded with new technologies every day but few companies obsess on how to make these products easy to integrate into their lifestyles.  Netonos is one of these companies that will always be user-focused.”

Netonos Background

Netonos LLC is an electronics startup in Norwalk, CT with a mission to supply easy-to-use, smart home technology solutions.  The company has recently released details of its first product, Netonos Note.  Note leverages the Netonos founders experiences on research and industrial product teams at Bell Labs and Motorola and their academic credentials from M.I.T., Columbia and Brown.

Netonos LLC and Sonos, Inc. are independent entities with no relationship; Netonos and Sonos are trademarks of their respective holders.

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