Kyy Games Transforms the Iconic Digital Card Game “Cabals” Into an Exciting Board Game

Fans Around the World Excited to Pre-Order the Game on the Kickstarter Campaign

Beaverton, OR – May 25, 2015 – Mika Rosendahl, a Magic the Gathering champion and CEO of Kyy Games, has announced that the company recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $35,000 by June 14th. Funds received from the campaign will help finish development of the game and get it manufactured to make the “Cabals: The Board Game” available to the world.

Fans all around the world are excited to pre-order his or her own and take advantage of the many attractive rewards available on the campaign. This is an epic card and board game of the digital battle card game “Cabals.” The original version has been available online for three years on all mobile phones, PCs and MACs. This will be the first time it will be made available outside the digital version. The game is set in an alternate universe in the 1930s using the history and mythology of different cultures around the world. It is up to the player to achieve world domination.

There is occultism, witchcraft, mesmerism and secret societies that are struggling for power. The cards are inspired by actual folklore and fairytales of each region, which include Germany, China, Russia and other countries. Players can choose from many different playing styles such as the Bearclaw Brotherhood, Danann Covenant, Vril Society, or Order of Zahir to conquer the territories on the board. The game can be played from 2 to 4 people with each player tactically using resources and maneuvers to summon units and play action cards. It has an intense deck building strategy and deep meta-games that will appease many game enthusiasts.

The board is assembled with different pieces that have two sides; each game can be switched up to have different layouts and even expand for a more intense gameplay. All parts are made from quality material that will last for years. To download the reference sheet of the game please click here.

Pre-order the game today and make a contribution to the campaign by visiting the Kickstarter campaign or click here. Backers can choose from many attractive rewards as a “thank you” for the support.

For anyone that is not familiar with Kickstarter, please know that this is an “all-or-nothing” deal. If Kyy Games does not meet the fund goal then they will not receive any assistance and it can be years before “Cabals: the Board Game” can become available. So know that a donation of any amount counts.

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