Aranaga Studios – Online Platform Offers Exclusive One-of-a-Kind Games

Company Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Help Bring Aranaga Studios to the World

Hollywood, FL – May 25, 2015 – Aranaga Studios has announced the launch of the Kickstarter campaign, which is to raise $1,000,000 by July 19th, 2015. This is a gaming company that offers a central place where people can go to experience creative games. It will be the biggest online store of games with products that are developed specifically for users.

Aranaga Studios is a platform large like Amazon but is made for any kind of games that can be played on PC. People can put their ideas here and potentially make a profit of 40%. In the future the game will be available on other platforms such as Xbox One, PS4 and PS3, XBOX 360, and Nintendo.

Funds received from the campaign will help develop the site and make it ready for users by January 2016. Gamers all over the world are ready to experience epic plays that can only be found on Aranaga Studios. The president, Edgar Nivia, is very excited to make this a reality and hopes that everyone will make a contribution to the campaign.

Click here to visit the Kickstarter and give support today. Backers can choose from many attractive rewards as a “thank you” for the donation.

For anyone that is not familiar with how crowdfunding works, this is an “all-or-nothing” deal. This means if the campaign does not meet the funding goal then it can be years before Aranaga can become available. So know that any amount given counts. Help even more by sharing this on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Let’s make the largest online video game platform possible!

Media Contact
Contact Person: Edgar Nivia
Phone: 786-716-6207
Country: United States