Margie Aliprandi, Acclaimed Author, Speaker, Wealth Coach, Launches 10 City U.S. Tour To Find, Mentor, Train 10 Deserving Apprentices To Become Next Millionaires

Self-Made Businesswoman Is Convinced Anyone Can Realize American Dream If Properly Trained – Has Already Mentored 1000 Everyday People To Achieve Millionaire Status

Twenty five years ago, Margie Aliprandi was a part-time music teacher and struggling single mom who had no money, experience, hope, and three young children to feed. But with big dreams and a passion to give her kids an extraordinary life, she decided to hit the road, travel the country to build a fledgling business, often slept in her car, and got dressed for meetings the next morning in gas station bathrooms.

Since those early sacrificial days, the unflappable, resilient, and still remarkably down-to-earth mom of now four has gone on to build a global business empire spanning 29 countries, 250,000 independent entrepreneurs, and trained over 1000 everyday people on her team to become millionaires just like her.

Sympathetic to the limited choices again confronting so many in today’s lackluster economy, and cognizant of the hurdles she managed to overcome, Margie recently decided it was time to come out of semi-retirement. On Saturday May 30th the maverick entrepreneur will appear at the Atrium Hotel in Irvine, California at 11 a.m. to launch a national tour to find 10 everyday people in 10 U.S. cities to show them step-by-step exactly what it takes to build a successful business, just like she did.
But this time, in “Apprentice” like fashion, Margie is not merely offering to personally coach and train those she believes will be strong candidates for success, but further show them how to attain full fledged millionaire status, just like she did. To prove it, she’s planning to document the entire journey to showcase exactly what it takes… to believers, skeptics, and naysayers alike. What’s more, she says she’s willing to do so without charge for her knowledge or her time.

“I initially started out resigned to thinking I’d be a junior high school music teacher for the rest of my life… forever forced to subsist on that salary,” Margie reflects. “But like so many single moms, I quickly realized that with three children, I needed to find a better way to give them the life they deserved.”

After some soul-searching, Margie realized at her core she had a passion to help people and do right by others.  She also realized that if she simply reapplied that same passion to a line of products she could find, believe in, and market, and that could even increase the health and well being of others, it might just offer her the way out she urgently sought to truly provide for her family.

Within a year of her business launch, Margie found she was making more money in a single month than she could make in an entire year as a music teacher.  Within three years she made her first million dollars.  Since then, she has gone on to consistently rank in the top 1% of all earners worldwide in her field, takes frequent vacations with her now four children, and has never looked back.
“It’s true I made my share of mistakes starting out,” she admits. “But the good news is: I found a simple business that was not only easy to learn but also re-teachable.  Now that I’ve mastered it as I have, because of the commitment I made early on to give back, I’m looking to find a few committed people who can demonstrate they have the same drive, dedication, and tenacity I did…”

“… For those that qualify, I plan to personally coach and train them – and even share my secrets and shortcuts to save them invaluable time. By cleverly utilizing new technologies today like social media, so many people have access to advantages I lacked, and consequently, can leapfrog far more quickly and powerfully to success – in ways that I could have never imagined. I’m willing to share all what I have since learned with those I hand select if they are willing to make the same commitment that I did to not only grow a business, but to pay it forward once they’re successful — just as I’m doing now.”

To further incentivize candidates who decide to take her up on this remarkable challenge, Margie has offered to provide a 15 minute free initial personal wealth assessment/career consultation to the first 10 people who commit to show up early to meet her at the Atrium Hotel on May 30th.  She notes there is no cost to attend, and no obligation to continue beyond that free consultation.

Additional city-by-city opportunities to meet and work directly with Margie will soon be announced.

To find out more about Margie Aliprandi, and learn more about her remarkable accomplishments, visit:

For those who believe they may have the “right stuff” to pass Margie’s initial screening process and qualify to become her next wealth creation candidate, Margie urges they take action without delay.  Candidates interested in attending should immediately send a 50 word or less email to Margie c/o the below contact address declaring why they believe she should consider making them her next millionaire-apprentice-in-the-making, before seats rapidly fill up and are no longer available.

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