American Applied Materials Launches Its New SmCo Magnet Collection

Today, American Applied Materials launched its new SmCo magnet collection, including SmCo ring magnets, SmCo block magnets, SmCo disc magnets and more. According to the CEO of the business, SmCo Magnet, also known as Samarium Cobalt magnet, is a special type of rare earth magnet made from an alloy of Samarium and Cobalt. SmCo Magnet has similar magnetic strength as neodymium magnet with higher temperature rating and higher coercivity.

The rare earth magnets from American Applied Materials are selling well in the market recently, in the next few months, the company will launch more new products to enrich its product line to satisfy the requirements of the market.

The CEO has specially introduced their SmCo block magnets, saying, “SmCo block magnet is a common type of SmCo magnet. It is widely used in speakers, micromotors and other appliance, especially in electronics that require higher working temperature. American Applied Materials can provide a full range of SmCo magnets in various dimensions and grades. Please send email to us for more details.”

According to a senior engineer of the company, neodymium magnets are graded according to their maximum energy product, which relates to the magnetic flux output per unit volume. Higher values indicate stronger magnets and range from N35 up to N52. American Applied Materials has a money back guarantee, which provides customers a risk free way of trying out any of their high quality product lines.

About American Applied Materials

American Applied Materials is devoted to manufacturing and developing high performance permanent rare earth magnets for a wide range of applications. The business provides not only high quality and reliable magnetic products, but also high level buying experience and strong magnet materials supply chain.

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