First Safety and Security Mobile Application Responsive to Changes in Heart Rate

A Nevada inventor with a passion for increased security has designed the first ever personal safety and security mobile application responsive to changes in heart rate.

The invention by Eric DeForest, which is being branded as Alert +, functions as an app to work with various devices and wearable technology like smart watches, body cameras, cell phones, and more. Alert + is designed to provide monitoring of the wearer’s personal health and safety.

During an emergency or threat, Alert + will automatically send alerts while recording video and audio of the incident, and share all the information in real time from the wearers device to predetermined receivers such as family members and emergency responders.

Imagine being at some distant location away from your child, a senior loved one, or perhaps someone you know working in a dangerous environment, like a firefighter. If they all have Alert + on their devices, Alert + can monitor their health and safety; and if needed exploit their GPS from their devices to pinpoint their locations. Automatically record audio and video of the incident and simultaneously send it to you to view. Alert + can also allow you to automatically send the same life saving information to multiple receivers, custodians, and first responders like emergency rescue and 911.

The inventor believes his technology will dramatically decrease the rescue and response times in most emergency or personal safety threatening circumstances.

Alert + features includes:

Heart Rate Monitoring – Able to detect irregular heart rate based on conditions associated with medical emergencies or extreme stress.

Motion Detection – Distinguishes various bodily movements that compliment conditions characteristic with irregular heart rate.

GPS Tracking – Exploits wearer’s cell phone and tracks GPS locations throughout the day, to include the precise time/location of an alert.

Video / Audio Recordings – Automatic recordings activated by an irregular heart rate.  

BlueTooth™ Technology Capability – Able to sync with other devices, such as police cameras and be used in the same capacity as the wearer’s cell phone.

Multiple Users / 911 – Receivers have the capability of contacting the wearer, other persons of interest, and 911.

Web Server Exploitation – All recordings aforementioned are saved for further use by the receiver(s) and investigators, to include facial recognition, in determining “what happened”.

“I’m happy to announce that I’ve partnered with MMC Software International Corp.  I’m certain and very excited that my patent invention technology can help improve personal safety and help save lives.  Please visit my website to learn more about my technology and opportunities available to join me in this endeavor.”  – Eric DeForest

About the inventor

Eric DeForest has been serving in the United States Army for nearly twenty years.  He has an extensive security and law enforcement background.  You can find him at Facebook and Twitter.

Written by: Wil Thomas
Tel: 1-702-900-2787

Media Contact
Company Name: Alert +
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