Optometrist Invents Reading Glasses Which Can’t be Lost

Reading glasses lost or forgotten? That’s a pain! What if your reading glasses could always be handy, like a cell phone, never again left behind or misplaced?

Reading Glasses Magnetically Attached to a Cell-Phone Case

Optometrist Dr. Eric Radzwill has invented reading glasses that mount on a cell-phone case, so they are always in reach. The glasses fit into a recessed area on the case and adhere magnetically, flush with the surface, barely noticeable until removed for use. “People often forget or lose their reading glasses,” Radzwill says, “but they don’t forget their cell phone.” MyPhoneReaders offer glasses built into a hard-shell, plastic, cell-phone case with a soft silicone lining that protects an iPhone6. “With MyPhoneReaders, Dr. Radzwill explains, “as long as you don’t lose your phone you’ll never lose your glasses! No more problems reading menus, books, or newspapers in dimly lit areas.”

Several Powers to Choose From

MyPhoneReaders are available in +1.00, +1.50, +2.00, or +2.50 magnification powers. After 20 years of complaints from patients about lost reading glasses, Dr. Radzwill has found a convenient, fool-proof way to help. Now he is seeking funding to mass-produce MyPhoneReaders and make them available to everyone who needs them.

Visit his project on Kickstarter.com or visit his web page http://www.myphonereaders.com

Health Impact

There are no data on how much frustration is associated with lost reading glasses, but multiple personal reports indicate it is significant. Social embarrassment and stress, plus the costs of frequent replacement of drugstore readers, can cause mounting irritation—an unhealthy emotional state. Straining to read material without glasses, even for a short time, can add to existing eyestrain, with resulting headaches and fatigue. In our fast-paced society, with its constant demands on our vision, it’s best to avoid any extra eye and emotional strain. That’s where convenient, attractive MyPhoneReaders really help, even as they protect your valuable cell phone.

Economic and Environmental Impact

According to industry statistics, 28.7 million Americans use over-the-counter reading glasses. If Dr. Radzwill’s invention helped even a small fraction of them hang onto their glasses, it would save them money and reduce the amount of plastic in landfills.

About Dr. Radzwill

Dr. Eric Radzwill has provided outstanding eye-care services in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for over 20 years.

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