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eWelders with their online store has brought all the latest welding equipment, accessories and consumables at super discounted rates with Australia wide delivery.

Adelaide, South Australia – May 27, 2015 – For making anything; a structure, a monument, apartments, machinery, a vital process is welding. No structure can be completed without welding. It might sound simple, but welding is a complicated process that requires utmost precision and refined skills to get the desired outcome. In addition to welding skills, correct equipment is also required. It is only this combination that gives a piece of metal the desired appearance.

There are several manufacturers and dealers who are doing a great job in making equipment that can lessen the work of these welders. In Australia, eWelders is doing a commendable job as an equipment dealer. The thing that distinguishes eWelders from the rest of the dealers is that they are running an online store. They have on display the finest welding consumables and welding supplies in the entire continent. Their consumables include wires, welding electrodes, filler rods, solders, brazing and fluxes, and disposable gas bottles. They have made quite a name for themselves in the past few years due to their quality service and the most competitive prices.

The website is hosting some of the most well known brands in the world of welding. Some of their most trusted brands are MIG, TIG, Tweco, Cigweld and T&R. They have sold an impressive number of these branded gadgets including MIG and TIG Welders, ACDC TIG Welders, and UniMIg Welders etc. One of the reasons behind is that they have offered even the branded and coveted equipment at the most astonishing rates.

In addition to the brands, they also have cheap welders which have proved their worth over time. Some of their offerings include arc welders, inverter welders, spot welders, multipurpose welders, pulse welders, DC welders and aluminium welders which are now being preferred by more professionals these days. In addition to the welding equipment, there is cutting equipment like plasma cutting and gas cutting offered at the most convenient rates.

In addition to the welding equipment there is also an array of supporting equipment like wires, torches, guns etc. Some of their best sellers are the MIG wire, spool guns, MIG torches and TIG torches. They also have various accessories like tools and clamps, gas equipment like nozzles, regulators, wire feeders, water cooling units etc. EWelders also understands that safety of the welders is very important hence they have also brought forth a huge range of safety gears including helmets, goggles, safety blankets, gloves, curtains and blankets.

All the equipment and accessories purchased from eWelders are 100 percent original, new and effective. They also provide exclusive warranties on each product that has been bought from their portal. This truly proves that they value their customers and their needs. Their website also displays all the numbers for the technical help desk of the manufacturer for the customers who are facing any kind of issues with the products. In addition, they also have well crafted delivery and return policies.

About eWelders.com.au:

eWelders.com.au is an online equipment store that was started to fulfil the needs of the welders all over the continent. They believe in supreme quality and swift service and this has made them a leader in welding equipment dealership today.

For more information simply visit http://www.ewelders.com.au/

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