New Film “Voice” Offers a Way Out for Those Mired in Life’s Problems

The world has become a place full of distractions and voices clamoring for attention, so it can be difficult to distinguish those sources of wisdom which can improve our lives. During a difficult five year period in which Janas struggled with smoking, drinking, financial difficulties and emotional volatility, he realized that there is a way to identify those trustworthy voices in the world. After overcoming the problems in his life, Janas realized that the secrets he had discovered could improve the lives of many others around the world. In his upcoming film “Voice,” Janas shares those important secrets.

“Voice” promises to a cinematic masterpiece that will reshape the lives of viewers. Shot in high definition in locales like Tokyo, Taipei, Los Angeles, and London, “Voice” will begin pre-production in June of 2015 and complete production by early 2016. The final film will then be available through a variety of distribution channels in late 2016.

This complex work of art will provide viewers with a step-by-step process to improve their lives and resolve issues that are preventing them from achieving peace of mind and success. Janas recognizes that success in life is something that is unique to each individual, so he has tailored this movie to empower viewers with effective methods that can be applied to almost any life situation including:

• Broken relationships
• Smoking
• Drinking
• Unsatisfying career
• Getting out of debt
• Overcoming physical or mental impairments
• Emotional instability

With the tools found in “Voice”, viewers will soon notice that their life is more fulfilling.

To help make “Voice” possible, Janas has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise the $45,000 needed to complete production. These funds will be used for pre-production, filming, audio, insurance, founder perks, and post production. In return for supporting this important project, backers can receive rewards like digital downloads of “Voice”, up to 380 DVD’s of “Voice”, up to 380 copies of the book “Movement,” behind the scenes access, signed DVDs or books, interview with Janas to be included in “Voice”, or a personalized video.

To learn more about “Voice” or to make a financial pledge, please visit

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