War Streets – Dark Comedy Sheds Light on Important Matters Many are too Afraid to Talk About

Creator Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Fund Pilot Series to Release to the World

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – May 27, 2015 – Ron Modro is excited to launch a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo to fund War Streets Series Pilot. This is a dark comedy/mystery series that will take audiences on an incredible journey into the lives of a diverse community in the Mexican War Streets in Pittsburgh’s North Shore. The campaign goal is to raise $120,000.

The series will shed light on matters that people are facing in America today. It will offer a unique take and view on social, political and cultural matters, which are issues everyone should talk about. Modro does a great job at breaking down what was once known as the “American Dream” and how it has transformed into something much different in today’s society. The show explores matters that people are hesitant to discuss like sexuality, gender identity, mental health and religion. Each character is from a diverse background with his or her personal problems to deal with.

However, in this neighborhood everyone’s lives are intertwined in some way shape or form. Audiences will see how the neighbor’s lives come together to be part of something much bigger. The filming will take place in the heart of Pittsburgh, which in the script will become its own character. Now the pilot is ready to be filmed, but this comes with some costs. This is why the team has turned to the crowdfunding community to offset cost of locations, casting, equipment and crew.

Those wishing to make a contribution can do so by visiting the IndieGoGo campaign or clicking here. There are many attractive rewards backers can choose from as a “thank you” for the support.

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Media Contact
Company Name: WAR STREETS
Contact Person: Ron Modro
Email: ron@warstreets.com
Country: United States
Website: www.indiegogo.com/projects/war-streets-series-pilot/x/10906893#/story