Minichua – DIY 3D printed dog figurines

Minichua bring their “pet miniature” project to Kickstarter

Minichua lets you customize dog 3D models at will, have them manufactured and delivered anywhere in the world. The figurines are produced by the major service providers, using 3D printing technologies. A few online services already help you print your pet. But, you must choose between readily available but limited models and very realistic but long to obtain models. The desire to combine the advantages of both methods led to the creation of Minichua.  

3D printed selfie figurines are now popular in 3D printing. The trend has spread to many cities worldwide. The next step is to move from human mini-me’s to animal mini-me’s. They come next because 3D models of pets are more difficult to acquire. You cannot ask a pet to stay perfectly still for 15 minutes.

There were two challenges to get realistic dog figurines: modelling the body and rendering the coat. The solution was to create a range of predefined models for each breed with coats that can be personalized. You can apply your own photos on the model or you can modify the provided coats. A prototype website has been developed and sample 3D models have been designed. However, a commercial launch requires a comprehensive breed collection and a perfect web interface. And a great backer community will help the project move forward. Therefore, Olivier has taken this idea to in an attempt to raise $45,000 (£28,000) in 28 days.

As 3D printing is all about customization, the service is designed to be as flexible as possible. On top of customizable coats, the models can vary according to the gender, the pose and some body parts like the tail or the ears. The size of the figurine is up to you. For lifelike figurines, the service uses polychrome sandstone as base material. But other materials are available (plastics and resin for paintable minis, metals for jewel or board game pieces, etc.). The browser-based interface uses the latest web technologies like webGL. It displays the updated model in real-time and in 3D. You can paint your figurines on any device using the browsers like IE, Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

Kickstarter campaigns operate under an “all-or-nothing” funding model. You can follow this project on Twitter, Facebook and Kickstarter of course. Please spread the word to your networks. Donating as little as £1 will help this project come to life. A wide range of rewards are at your disposal if you decide to donate more.

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