Summer a Great Time to Invest in Attic Insulation, Says Integrity Home Pro

Integrity Home Pro explains why summer is a great time to invest in new home insulation, and in particular attic insulation.

Replacing the insulation in the attic is often thought of as a winter project, something that yields the greatest dividends during the colder months of the year. This may not be entirely accurate, though. While attic insulation can certainly keep winter heating costs down, it also helps homeowners save money and enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle during the summer—a point Integrity Home Pro makes plain in a new statement to the press.

“The attic represents the place where you tend to waste the most energy, especially during winter—the warm air from your home transfers out into the cooler elements,” comments Danny Peterson, the founder of Integrity Home Pro. “Proper insulation, combined with attic air sealing, can also prevent the development of ice dams. However, there are also advantages to attic insulation that homeowners experience in warmer months.”

Continues Peterson, “Attic insulation is not just about keeping the home warm during winter. It is about ensuring consistently comfortable temperatures throughout the year. Insulating your attic can preserve your cool, air-conditioned temperatures in the house and keep the sun’s heat from infiltrating your home energy envelope.”

No matter when the attic insulation is replaced, Peterson says, the energy savings can be a boon to homeowners. “Over time, the investment you make in attic insulation can literally pay for itself,” he comments.

Peterson recommends that homeowners hire a professional to have their attic insulation repaired. “The key to getting a return on your investment is making sure the insulation is installed properly, and that you get just the right amount,” he comments. “That’s where the expertise of a company like Integrity Home Pro comes into play.”

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