Tribeway makes sharing a live and interactive experience

“Tribeway : Interactive Sharing”
Tribeway changes the sharing experience with real time interaction over picture content at sub-hundred kbps data rates

Santa Clara, CA – Ittiam Systems today announced the availability of tribeway, an application for live and sharing for smartphones and tablets.

In the current paradigm, one can always send pictures with a message to friends far and wide. However, there are not many ways one can share a moment or relive an experience, together. Tribeway lets anyone with a smartphone or a tablet to show and talk pictures with one or more friends across the world, as if all are in the same place, sitting side by side. Sharing is no more about attaching pictures. It is interactive, live and with a voice.

To ensure privacy of the pictures tribeway does not transfer them to the other devices, rather it, in a way, casts them. So pictures are shown to everyone but are never transferred out of the device. In addition, pictures, voice and texts are all encrypted, ensuring complete privacy. Pictures always remain in the owner’s device or her cloud memory.

Tribeway is a unique experience delivered at an astonishingly low impact on the data plan. For example, the data rate is, on the average, 55 kbps over 30 minutes of interactive share with wide-band voice and HD pictures.

Key features

  • Interactive picture sharing and discussion
  • Live shoot-and-share with interactive discussion
  • High quality voice calls with sharing of in-call selfies

Tribeway, is currently available on Android®. It runs on any device supporting Android 4.1 or above. iOS® version is scheduled in the third quarter of this year.

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