Landmark Cash Introduces New Bad Credit Loans In Addition To Established Payday Loan Service

Landmark Cash has started to offer bad credit loans in addition to their payday loans to offer a more comprehensive service to those in dire financial straits.

The lending of money at interest is one of the foundation stones of the modern economy, and yet it is also responsible for a great deal of the human misery experienced in developed nations. This is because the companies offering loans offer punishing interest rates, then punish again should people be unable to afford to repay. Landmark Cash aims to set themselves apart, with affordable payday loan services to help people with bad credit effectively bridge gaps in their financing. They have furthered their cause by offering new, longer term bad credit loans to help people get on their feet again.

The new bad credit loan service uses the same application processes as their payday loan service, and offers favorable rates over competitor services, with a view to helping those with bad credit affordably repay their loans, improve their credit rating, and get the cash injection they need to reinvest in their future and get back on track.

The payday loan service is still available from Landmark, and the bad credit loan is a pilot for a further expansion of their services, under the mission and values that set them apart from existing payday loans companies. 

A spokesperson for Landmark Cash explained, “Landmark Cash is committed to helping people get themselves out of financial trouble in a transparent and responsible way. We have created the new bad credit loans program to extend the services we offer to longer term financial solutions that will give people liquid capital to invest in getting themselves into a better financial position for their futures. Applying for bad credit loans at couldn’t be easier, quicker or more convenient, so there’s no reason not to fill out the form and see how much you could save over the kind of loan companies trotted out by price comparison sites.”

About Landmark Cash:

Landmark Cash is an online lender specializing in payday loans and newly offering bad credit loans. The site enables individuals to get up to $1,000 in cash with fast approval, even for those with poor credit ratings. They offer same day approval with an application that takes just five minutes to complete.

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