New Comedic Web Series “Hazy” Explores World of Artistic Endeavors

The business world has often been portrayed as magical and exciting, but the reality for many aspiring artists is considerably more difficult. A new web series “Hazy” from producer Samantha Wynne depicts the trials and joys of the professional world from the viewpoints of budding creatives: actress Aspen Moses, filmmaker Eddie Lambert and architect Owen Castro. “Hazy” showcases the lives of these 20-somethings as they fumble through love, poverty, and professional sacrifice in Southern California.

“Hazy” is loosely based on the life of ScarlettOh Production head Samantha Wynne. The comedic web series will focus on Aspen, a young, ambitious actress who is passionate about acting and singing. As a lesbian, Aspen struggles with disclosing her sexual identity and fears damaging her career. Her mismatched roommate, Eddie is a filmmaker and proud lesbian, who is constantly playing the louder counterpart to the shy Aspen. The third roommate, Owen is the emotional center who is trying to launch his architectural career while working as cartoon character at Universal Studios.

The first season of “Hazy” is being produced by Hollywood veterans and stars. Samantha Wynne will serve as producer and director, and has produced many notable short films including Graceless, along with a series of YouTube videos for Mako Shark Clothing. Audio engineer Brett Pipkin has worked shows “Frenzy” and “One Step Behind.” The role of Eddie will be played by Mariana Novak, who has starred in films The Penal Colony, The Mastermind, and Hunter Vampire Killer.

The show “Hazy” promises to produce riotous laughs as well as tug on the heartstrings of viewers, but it will require the support of the public to become a reality. The “Hazy” team has sponsored a Kickstarter campaign to raise $30,000 needed to complete production. In return for supporting this project, you can receive valuable perks like bracelets, show credits, signed scripts, behind the scenes footage, Skype with show creators, inclusion of your written dialogue, video of answers from show creators, dinner at Karl Strauss with show creators, character named for you, a reoccurring role, or producer credits.

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