The ever growing entrepreneur mind set continues for the stunning African Duchess Catherine Ajike

Catherine has launched an online film platform called Kate Angel Films

A platform where you can watch dramas, show and films at the comfort of your computer, Kate Angel Films is gearing up to receive selections of productions to screen when the platform will be active and ready in winter. A simple monthly membership subscription enables you to access and watch numerous films, dramas and shows. 

The beautiful actress shall be gracing the platform also with her reality series called “Getting To Know Princess Catherine Ajike”. The reality series contains 7 episodes in the first series. And thanks to the Kate Angel Films platform, you will be able to watch each episode as often as you chose.

Catherine is said to be strengthening up as an entrepreneur but with her hands all in business, she has still managed to finally complete her awaited DVD film “A day with my step mum”. The film is what we shall be seeing from Catherine since she debuted on our screens in the British film Kidulthood where she played the character of Carleen.

Catherine described filming the upcoming film “A day with my step mum” as quiche of thirst for her as an actress. She said this is because she has been so busy enjoying development and growth as an entrepreneur but now, she is very happy to keep her face recognised on the screens as she keeps the films and her talent on continues entertainment for fans and film lovers. The “A day with my step mum” is due to be released by summer 2015.

However, as we acknowledge the African duchess on how she managers to do it all, she moves on to tell us about her music.

The understanding is that she is set to re-release her first dance anthem single ‘All I want is you’, which was produced by Italian composer Enrico Pinna, and the video was recorded and directed by Luke McCarthy — a British digital image technician who has worked on films, music videos and commercials.

Catherine clearly has now managed to get herself and her record label Kate Angel Music connected with a wonderful associate from the states who knows what they’re doing in the music industry. 

The single ‘All I want is you’ is a beautiful still current dance anthem that Duchess Catherine wrote when she was a business acquaintance of dance music producer Tutula. Tutula was a member of the 90s gospel band Makoma.

Now with the re-release of the dance anthem on its way, the excitements soars for Catherine for her radio airplay, anticipating how it will do in the charts and the beautiful video being seen on our TV screens.

Still on thoughts of progression, the talented African duchess Catherine Ajike mentioned that she is already preparing for her next cinema film and she is also working on new music materials. 

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