What´s Love Got To Do With It? New Bestseller Reveals Secrets to Changing the Karma in Your Relationships with Lovers, Spouses, Family and Friends!

HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA – May 26, 2015 – In their new bestseller, The Karma Queens’ Guide to Relationships: the Truth About Karma in Relationships, published by Tarcher/Penguin, Carmen and Alexandra Harra reveal the secret of how to transform the karma in all relationships—with lovers, spouses, family and friends.

“If it’s not working or it’s broken, there may be more here than you are aware of. Karma is the missing ingredient to changing what’s not working to what is! Our karma is the reason we must learn certain lessons, overcome certain challenges, and meet certain people. And it spills onto our relationships with others, affecting our human bonds to the breaking point, unless we acknowledge and resolve our karma once and for all. Then, we can finally escape vicious cycles and progress towards permanently fulfilling relationships,” say the Karma Queens.

When it comes to our interactions with family, friends, and the people we live with or work with, the drama can be overwhelming and confusing if we aren’t guided by love—the karmic cure for every hurt, rift, misunderstanding, conflict, and betrayal. The authors draw upon their knowledge of psychology and metaphysics, experience as a therapist, counselor, life coach and their own relationships to help readers untangle the complexities of their relationships and get the most out of them.

The Karma Queens’ Guide to Relationships is an essential compass and guide to attract and navigate authentic, passionate and loving relationships. Carmen Harra has masterfully and compassionately revealed the source of fulfilled and meaningful life… the ability to consciously love and be loved. I highly recommend this book!”—Dr. Darren Weissman, author of The Heart of the Matter and Awakening the Secret Code of Your Mind.

This book applies to all types of relationships, because the authors firmly believe that karma affects every relationship in our lives—including whether we ever meet our soul mate.

Carmen Harra, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist, intuitive counselor, and author of seven books, including The Karma Queens’ Guide to Relationships and the bestselling Everyday Karma. Her daughter Alexandra Harra is the co-author of The Karma Queens’ Guide, a certified life coach, and a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and to RelationshipHeadquarters.com. Dr. Harra speaks from experience when she says that there are practical ways to meet the challenges of resolving karma that cause our relationships to become complicated and cause us pain. They are here to reveal the secret of how to transform the karma in all of your relationships, including attracting or keeping your soul mate. Carmen Harra is available for interviews.

The Karma Queens’ Guide to Relationships: the Truth About Karma in Relationships is available on Amazon.com

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