Trinity Teen Solutions provides HIPAA training for employees so they may achieve the Certified HIPAA Privacy Security Expert (CHPSE) credential to meet HIPAA compliance

Trinity Teen Solutions announces its increased focus on the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the federal law that protects patient health information.

By providing in-depth HIPAA training and subsequent certification to several employees who play a key role in HIPAA compliance, Trinity Teen Solutions is well-equipped to address the intricacies and ever-changing requirements of HIPAA. 

In particular, Angie Woodward, RN, Director underwent and successfully completed an intensive 22-hour HIPAA training course through, a leading provider of HIPAA compliance solutions. After course completion, Angie Woodward successfully passed a two-hour timed exam to validate her knowledge and become a Certified HIPAA Privacy Security Expert (CHPSE)

As a CHPSE, Angie Woodward fully understands the HIPAA privacy and security rules as well as new changes to the regulation in light of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act. HITECH mandated new requirements for sharing protected health information with business associates, for ensuring identity theft protection, for using and disclosing protected health information for marketing purposes, and for reporting breaches of protected health information. 

The CHPSE credential denotes that Angie Woodward has an in-depth knowledge of the application of the HIPAA privacy rule as it relates to the uses and disclosures of protected health information (PHI). This includes using and disclosing PHI for treatment, payment, and healthcare operations as well as disclosure for public purposes. As a CHPSE, Angie Woodward also has an in-depth knowledge of the application of the HIPAA security rule as it relates to the security of PHI. Angie Woodward can identify technical or electronic threats to the healthcare enterprise and explain the technology available to reduce or prevent those threats. She has received advanced training in the topics of administrative, physical, and technical safeguards and is able to develop policies and procedures to describe those safeguards and address larger risk management strategies. 

The CHPSE credential signifies that Angie Woodward is an expert in overall HIPAA compliance. She is able to evaluate whether policies and procedures are HIPAA-compliant and ensure that Trinity Teen Solutions is taking every possible step to protect the privacy and security of protected health information. 

Trinity Teen Solutions is a Psychiatric Residential Treatment Center in Wyoming that treats young women suffering from mental health and substance abuse issues.  Trinity Teen Solutions takes confidentiality and privacy serious for the patients and families they care for.  Due to the sensitive nature of psychiatric and substance abuse issues, training Angie Woodward to become an expert in privacy and security will ensure protection for all of their clients.

About Trinity Teen Solutions, Inc.

Trinity Teen Solutions is an All-Girls Christian Psychiatric Residential Treatment Center. Located at the foothills of the beautiful Beartooth Mountain range on a working ranch. Being surrounded by God’s beauty provides a secluded, tranquil, spiritual place where transparency, healing and recovery can occur. Trinity Teen Solutions specialize in treating young woman who are suffering from trauma related to sexual, physical and emotional abuse, divorce, adoption, death of a loved one and bullying.  They also treat debilitating depression and anxiety disorders, substance abuse, bipolar and borderline personality disorders, using a multitude of evidenced based therapeutic approaches.

About Supremus Group, LLC, a Supremus Group venture, offers comprehensive HIPAA training for healthcare organizations, health plans, employers, business associates, and alternative medicine providers. Courses, which have been updated to reflect HITECH requirements, are offered in multiple formats, including instructor-led HIPAA training, online training courses, and customized onsite training. After course completion, participants may obtain one of the following HIPAA certifications: CHPA (Certified HIPAA Privacy Associate), CHPE (Certified HIPAA Privacy Expert), CHSE (Certified HIPAA Security Expert), and CHPSE (Certified HIPAA Privacy Security Expert). 

In addition to HIPAA training, the company also provides HIPAA compliance kits, manuals, training, templates, and compliance consulting services in the areas of HIPAA security risk analysis, vulnerability assessment, contingency planning, and HIPAA security audits.

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