LiquidCool Solutions HPC Computing on the Battlefield: Emerald Warrior 2015

“Emerald Warrior 2015”
In the field, deployed computing systems are challenged with confined spaces, limited power and harsh environments including heat, cold, sand, and seawater. Last month, LiquidCool Solutions demonstrated its answer to all those challenges at Emerald Warrior 2015, a U.S. Special Operations Command-sponsored two-week joint / combined tactical exercise designed to provide realistic military training in an urban setting.

Rochester, MN – As computer-use charges across the battlefield, LiquidCool Solutions challenged itself to develop a high-performance, ruggedized, fully functional computing system that significantly enhances combat capabilities. The LiquidCool Solutions team joined Emerald Warrior 2015 on April 29, 2015 to demonstrate its Explorer 8 (eight servers in a ruggedized and shock isolated case) and the LCS-RT Ruggedized Small Computer System.


Emerald Warrior, hosted by Air Force Special Operations Command, is the Department of Defense’s only exercise that focuses on irregular warfare and hones special operations forces air and ground combat skills. 

LiquidCool Solutions set up its military-grade computers on a concrete pad smack dab in the middle of the active military drills and exercise activities on the grounds. (photo link)

The Explorer 8 is a modular, go-anywhere, high performance, high reliability compute solution that overcomes harsh environment operating challenges with improved reliability and productivity. Designed specifically for remote environments, using both the Intel Xeon processor and Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor, the Explorer 8 provides efficient energy usage and improved scalability through modular design that expands computational capacity quickly. This modular approach also offers significantly lower initial capital costs with incremental, just-in-time expansion capability. 

The RT-P is a compact purpose built computing devise with a sealed enclosure ideal for harsh environment applications where other cooling methods fail. The rugged enclosure ensures waterproof I/O connectors, all electronics are protected from harsh environments, and it is fan-free for reliable, energy efficient and silent operation. 

The RT operates in environments ranging from 15 to 110 degrees F and reduces power to cool at the device level by 98 percent.

In the photo ( from left to right are:

  • LiquidCool Solutions two small 2kW gas powered generators that provide up to 4kW of 110 VAC power to run the IT and associated electronic equipment
  • The ruggedized shock isolated case with LCS demonstration liquid to air heat exchanger and pump unit to cool the heat load from the 8 high performance servers in the 8 rack to the right
  • A table with display cases
  • The ruggedized and shock isolated case with LCS fully operational Explorer 8 hardware including 8 dual socket Intel Xeon servers, our LL 800 Cooling Distribution Units, 3 Power Distribution Units with Metered Displays and an ethernet switch
  • A table with LCS RT-P Ruggedized Small Computer System running an Intel i7 processor with the colorful red passive heat exchangers
  • A 28” monitor on which a continuous stream of videos describing various aspects of LCS technology is running (these are being streamed from the RT-P unit)

“The essential advantages LCS cooled computing technologies provide the U.S. military cannot be overstated,” said Herb Zien, CEO, LiquidCool Solutions. “Where computing devices have given the U.S. military a degree of efficiency and effectiveness that has changed the way it operates at sea, in the air, and on the ground, LCS technologies will enable the military to perform with faster speed, greater reliability, and less risks than legacy technologies.” 

LiquidCool’s participation at Emerald Warrior was to obtain feedback on its computing systems from military representatives from several branches of the armed forces, including IT specialists, who attended Emerald Warrior 2015 specifically to review its technology.

About LiquidCool Solutions

LiquidCool Solutions is a technology development firm with patents surrounding cooling electronics by total immersion in a dielectric fluid. LCS technology can be used to cool electronics of any shape and size. LCS offers a cooling solution that saves energy, saves space, enhances reliability, operates silently, and can be surprisingly easy to maintain in the field. 


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