Kitchen Voice Announce Weston Pro 2300 as the Best All-Rounder Vacuum Sealer on the Market

Kitchen Voice, an independent review outlet for almost a year the reviewers have gone through their fair share of appliances, scrutinizing each kitchen appliance for the purpose of writing an unbiased comprehensive review that will educate readers about the best in each category has been a passion more than a job for the Kitchen Voice team. After the recent announcement of the official website launch, the team has turned its attention to acknowledging the best of the best kitchen appliances through their review. Most recently the expert reviewers announced Weston Pro 2300 as the best all-rounder vacuum sealer on the market.

Vacuum sealers are becoming a popular kitchen appliance and they are making their way in to regular household kitchens due to the reason that these appliances make food storage easier. Kitchen Voice spokesperson said: “Vacuum Sealers are perfect for storing vegetables, fruits, meats and more. As we enter the modern era, Vacuum Sealers have come down dramatically in price – thanks to better and more healthier competition on the market place. However, with competition comes a need for unbiased and comprehensive reviews.”

Another use for vacuum sealers is in sous vide cooking, a form of low temperature cooking that is gaining popularity because it enhances flavor and keeps meat juicy and tender. The growing fandom for this particular type of cooking has brought vacuum sealer to trendy restaurant and in humble home kitchens.

Weston Pro 2300 All-Round Vacuum Sealer which Kitchen Voices has crowned has the best vacuum sealer of the year 2015 has taken over the previous favorite The FoodSaver V4880. Weston Pro 2300, managed to claim the lead because of its versatility for home use as well as for commercial use. The review website awarded this particular vacuum sealer 5 out of 5 stars in their rating which is an accomplishment that only Weston Pro 2300 has managed to achieve.

The review states: “It sits comfortably in the mid-market price range, but competes with VacMaster models in a commercial setting, and outperforms FoodSaver models for home use. A firm and comfortable favorite for us when it comes to sealing food.”

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