Chip4Power is Here to Render a New Sensation in Driving with its Chip Tuning Services

26 May, 2015 – Germany – Chip4Power is your one stop solution for getting more power to your automobile. At you will get world class chiptuning service that saves you money on refueling. No matter whether it is boot tuning, car tuning, bike tuning or truck tuning you are looking for, all your requirements would satisfactorily be served at Chip4power.

The professional chiptuning team that works for the company puts forward the claim that the services rendered by the company are the best in the market. Sources close to the core team say, “We make every possible effort to make you fall in love with your vehicle all over again. We are at your service and we program the very best performance in regards to diesel-powered or gasoline services.” Top quality software is used by the company for providing effective tuning to bikes, boats, trucks and automobiles. The company possesses more than twenty-five years of experience in electronic engine tuning and chiptuning services.

What you can get a guarantee from the services of Chip4Power is a reduction in the consumption and an increase in overall performance. The professionals working with the tuning team of the company are experts at programming the software located in the control unit of a vehicle and they do this for improving the features of the vehicle’s motor. The map optimization service offered by the company lowers the fuel economy of a vehicle. Interested visitors can always come with their Audi, BMW or any other vehicle and get the chance of knowing the benefits rendered by the company. The company excels in providing pkw tuning as well as the tuning of other vehicle like Lancia, Lamborghini, Dodge, Chevrolet, Hyundai and many more. At PKW tuning you can easily go through the different vehicles served by the company.

Coming to the prices or the cost effective factor of using the services of Chip4Power, it can rightly be said that the chiptuning services offered by the company are extremely affordable. At you can experience engine tuning in its most detailed form. The best thing about the services offered by the company is that your vehicle does not need to go through soldering for software optimization. It is the controller that is optimized digitally in less than two hours using the optimized map. During the tuning service, no other component present in the engine compartment is damaged. The special highlight of the service is that you get a 5 year warranty on tuning software.

Outstanding services are provided by Chip4Power in the field of tuning and the services are a guarantee of outstanding quality. Main concerns of this company include safety, driving pleasure and quality. The company provides its services in over 70 cities of Germany and has even set up tuning workshops nationwide. It has branches in Hamburg, Cologne, Essen and Berlin,. The diverse offers provided by the company in the field of vehicle tuning can also be availed in Switzerland, Italy and Austria. You can expect good quality vehicle tuning services and at the same time you can also avail the best individual advice on the maintenance of your vehicle.

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