Kuester Management Company Strategizes on Improving HOA Image Among Homeowners

Kuester Management Group details ways that HOAs can boost their reputation in the community and forge more positive relationships

HOAs can either make friends or enemies of the homeowners living within the community depending on how well things are managed. It is easy for homeowners to quickly pass judgment if they don’t have all of the facts and this can be tough to bounce back from. In a new statement to the press, Kuester Management Group offers insight on how HOAs can turn things around and develop a more positive and constructive relationship with homeowners.

“While it’s impossible to please everyone all the time, you can do a lot to mitigate issues and develop a better rapport by focusing on effective communication,” says Bryan Kuester, President of Kuester Management Group. “Breakdowns in communication are where many problems stem from. Homeowners have misunderstandings about what is occurring or why things are done as they are.”

Periodically evaluating management policies and procedures can go a long way, notes Kuester. “Figure out where these breakdowns are. Is the newsletter not reaching enough people? Are certain expectations unclear? Be continually adjusting your approaches until you find out what works best. Get out there and talk to people to gather feedback.”

Kuester encourages visibility and transparency in operations. “Let homeowners get to know board members by hosting events where people can get actively involved. They want to know who it is who is making decisions and how their money is being spent. Letting them see that you’re all on the same team, share common goals, and have nothing to hide can go a long way.” This can also be a great way of recruiting new volunteers and board members so they can become more involved in making changes they want to see.

“Follow through is also essential,” says Kuester. “Make sure homeowners know that their concerns are not falling on deaf ears. You may not be able to resolve the issue immediately, but stay in touch and provide updates about progress and proposed resolutions. Homeowners should feel that their voice and their concerns are important, so establish clear methods of communicating issues and designate someone to oversee these tools so nothing falls through the cracks.”

It can take time to turn an HOA’s reputation around but keep pushing forward and results will come.

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