Ride your way to glory with EQUETICA

The success of Equestrian Industry requires the hours of hard work from the riders, their emotional energy & financial resources. Currently equestrian market is disjointed as the constituting elements: riders, trainers, insurance companies, clients, veterinarians etc are working independently, though they affect each other’s work. Result? Exceedingly higher amounts of monetary loss, time & resources to navigate. To unify these essential components,team of Colin & Megan Schnebly provided an effective solution in their new & unique service – EQUETICA.

Reportedly, Equetica’s new & proven method of data aggregation, intelligence & predictive modeling, allows the optimum allocation of resources by providing everyone an access to the intelligence it produces.

Rider’s performance, presently, depends on the weekly feedbacks their trainers provide, which generally is subjective, random & can’t be tracked for future reference. This affects their performance & raises the monetary & resource requirements. The unique data management from EQUETICA provides them with the historical data which can be combined with the real time data to analyze & sort out the patterns, trends & behaviors. Such predictive modeling will provide them knowledge to enhance their performance. The platform leverages the data from equestrian market to reduce time & cost.

It claims to provide all the information forstatistically & factually understanding, whether it is about a horse, how it behaves & performs under various conditions; or about a rider, his strengths, weaknesses & can help trainers prepare a specific training plan based on this data. Not only this, EQUATICA will also provide a platform to illustrate their achievements in order to attract more clients for them as it will showcase their skills & achievements.

Colin Schnebly, Founder-Equetica, states that he got inspiration for it by seeing his partner & wife Megan, riding & working hard for it for past 35 years. The respect for riders made Colin to come up with a platform than can help them enhance their performance reducing their otherwise strain, money & resources required& showcase themselves to attract clients.

Reportedly, EQUATICA will provide an interactive environment for the audience of horse enthusiasts, not only to let them use the knowledge from the well managed historical data but also to develop & benefit by the information they provide about them. Colin hopes that this platform will attract more new enthusiasts to this industry & will be a key figure in it with the attention to details & quality service they provide.

They are currently raising funds to further develop this unique platform for enhanced performance.  Interested enthusiasts, for more information & to share & contribute visit: http://igg.me/at/equetica or www.equetica.com

Contributors will get the t-shirts & hats from the company & 200 people can get their own personal mobile apps. That’s exciting!

Media Contact
Company Name: Equetica, LLC
Contact Person: Colin Schnebly
Email: give@equetica.com
Phone: 952-239-4313
Country: United States
Website: www.indiegogo.com/projects/equetica–3#/story