Easyacc New Release DP100 Bluetooth Speaker — Small Cylinder with Fantastic and Enjoyable Power

Nowadays, the market for Bluetooth speaker seems almost saturated. Some claim that they enjoy surprising sound quality, some highlight their latest technology. Besides, many of them attract customers’ eyes by the good-looking appearance and color.  Among them, the new released DP100 undoubtfully makes a balance of classical style, better portability and prominent battery life.

Back to Simplicity

No cables, no docks, no plugs. DP100 is designed under the concept of simplicity. The small cylinder was surrounded by a matt black wrapping steel grid which customized by the most delicate cutting technology. Together with a metal band around the top, DP100 provides an ever greater feel and texture. All what you need including volume control, skip forward/backward and pause the music can be satisfied by the 3 rubber buttons on the top, making it extremely easy to press and use. Down to the bottom there is an on/off button with an aux and a USB hub which enable you to use this speaker as an external speaker for your computer or anything that has a place to plug in an aux cable.

To Hear Is to Believe

Instead of an amplifier on the top, a better speaker orientation is adopted in DP 100 for a room filling sound. More efficient transmission and less degree of sound loss thus are achieved. With the steel grid mentioned before, it is able to gather those scattered voice to make the music louder, to meet more high-quality users’ needs. An impressive 45mm 4W driver in the compact yet still powerful speaker brings you a rich and crystal-clear sound experience. The 4W maximum power output is enough to fill a modest sized room and has a tone that’s rich and full with decent bass for a compact unit.

Forget about Charging

With the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology, we can enjoy a stable music stream without switching on/off all the time. Besides, there is a built-in microphone so a hands-free phone call is available for you. The great sound quality makes you hear and be heard. What’s more, the astounding powerful battery makes an up to 20 hours playback time or 8-10 hours call time possible. The cola can sized speaker is easy and convenient for you to take it everywhere in your house or even outdoors. Charge it once then great music will accompany you along your journey.

Based on the premium Bluetooth speakers, DP100 is innovatively designed with classical style, better portability and prominent battery life. Equipped with those qualities, the $35.99 DP100 is cheaper than the other Bluetooth speakers in the same level. Among the pool of Bluetooth speakers, DP100 is one of the best choice for you.

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