“The National Treatment Centers for Environmental Disease, “NTCED”, is now the nations largest medical facility treating patients for Mold Exposure Mold Sickness and Mycotoxin Poisoning”
They’ve been told they need mental help, they are told they’re not really sick. They spend thousands on quack doctors, but times have changed! Thanks to the environmental and medical research of the National Treatment Centers for Environmental Disease team has cracked the code in linking mold contaminated environments, to the direct causation of disease in the human body and for the first time mold exposure victims can get a fair shake for their medical damages from mold exposure.

Slumlords hold on to your checkbooks, litigation for the heath damages from mold exposure has now become easily provable in a court of law. Spokesperson for the NTCED Kyle Marsh stated; “For years we have seen entire families lose their homes, personal possessions, their health, family members, pets and jobs, all due to the negligence of basically what equates to slumlords that will not make basic repairs for water leaks on their properties. These unattended leaks in time result in mold infestation and the inhabitants of those structures becoming ill from mycotoxin poisoning.

Years ago proof of medical damages from mold exposure was almost impossible to prove. Slumlords simply told the mold exposure victims, “Too bad, if you don’t like it move out, and were going to sue you for the balance of your lease,” but this is no longer the case. With the correct environmental tests, coupled with the right medical testing, medical damages from mold exposure can be proven with a great amount of scientific and medical certainty.

Marsh went on to say, mold lawsuit settlements can range from $25,000.00 to upwards into the millions of dollars. Recently a single mother and her daughter were awarded $1.8 million in a mold lawsuit involving an apartment complex, another $5 million was awarded to a single policemen for mold exposure on the job, resulting in kidney failure. These types of settlements are becoming common place. The biggest hurdle is educating law firms in the science and medical aspects of these types’ damages.

The NTCED has provided litigation support to a multitude of mold exposure victims, nationally, and internationally, with outstanding results for the Plaintiff’s in these cases. The health damages are real, and provable, we just have to get the word out to the people who need help, Marsh further stated. 

The real reward here is that this breakthrough in science and medicine will push forward a better quality of life for those in public housing, apartment complexes, and other types of multi-family dwellings that are constantly in disrepair. The real crime here is what is happening to children in these environments, sometimes the neurological impacts to young children can become irreversible, leading to attention deficit, learning disabilities, even physical disablement. Mold exposure in children may be suspect when a diagnoses of ADHD, reading problems, pain in the muscles and joint’s, or chronic fatuige arise. 

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