RepDigger, an Automatic Business Reputation Check Service Launched

RepDigger has recently been launched as an automatic business reputation check service that will be available to users free of cost. This easy to use tool has been developed to allow user to dig information which is available online about a business or a brand to learn what people are saying about it. The tool does the work for the users by compiling information in a matter of few minutes and presents it to the user for free.

Despite the tool’s recent introduction many people have already started using the tool to search and dig information about various businesses that can have an impact on the business’s or brand reputation. Reputation monitoring and knowing what people are saying about a business or a brand is extremely important, even more so for small business. Reputation of a business is important for all its shareholders including the customers and the investors. In today’s technology day and age information can spread like wildfire and a brand is as good as its reputation. Therefore keeping a close watch on what is being said about a brand is of prime importance. Repdigger’s Automatic Business Reputation Check Service makes reputation lookup quick, easy and cost effective. Each search’s report is generated automatically on the same date of the search within a matter of few minutes and the report is based on information available online.

The report will compile any negative reviews and ratings from various websites so users do not have to go to each site individually. All information will be given with a source link for the ease of user. Online reputation management is becoming increasingly important for businesses and brands, both large and small. A simple search can give out more information to customers about businesses and their products than most business owners may realize. An increasing number of people are purposely searching for the “bad goods” on businesses when searching for information business and when contemplating about buying from them. Their automated action would be to find out what’s wrong with the product or company rather than searching for the benefits. This is a disadvantage for businesses who unfortunately have sustained a damaged reputation or poor feedback from anonymous customers online.

It is advised by reputation managers that business check their reputation regularly to stay on top of what is really important, their reputation.


RepDigger is a free Automatic Business Reputation Check Service.

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