Fyoosion’s Marketing Automation Software Platform Puts Marketers in Charge

Fyoosion’s marketing automation software platform offers marketers the most sophisticated technologies to improve conversion and boost revenue.

Fyoosion has recently launched, what is arguably the most-advanced marketing automation software platform to help marketers achieve their objectives without the usual hassles and problems associated with direct marketing. The platform comes with capabilities such as email marketing, social media tracking and campaign management to provide marketers absolute command of their leads and campaigns.

“Our marketing automation software’s innovative features allow marketers to convert leads faster and at higher rates,” says Abhishek Jain, the CEO and founder of Fyoosion. The marketing automation platform comes pre-integrated with numerous technologies. Marketers can use the Fyoosion platform to drive up lead generation and achieve a higher percentage of conversion with great consistency.”

The marketing automation software platform provides a well-developed digital infrastructure that can be used by marketers to maximize and optimize their sales and marketing funnel. The unique technology that Fyoosion brings to the marketing domain helps marketers identify the channels and campaigns which are converting. They can understand ROI very accurately at every stage of the funnel.

Fyoosion is a platform that has very effectively and seamlessly integrated marketing and IT. The direct marketing automation software enables marketers to manage their leads, campaigns, contacts, analytics and data effortlessly. They can even track the performance of their affiliates by applying Fyoosion’s technology to their affiliate microsite platform which can be created within minutes, literally.

Fyoosion was built by a team with years of experience in marketing as well as IT and hence is one of the most effective marketing as a service platform. Marketers can use the platform to do what they want think is the best strategy for making their marketing campaign most effective and that too without any dependence on IT.

For more information, visit www.fyoosion.com

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