IndusTrack Launches Smartphone and Tablet App Ideal for Scheduling and Monitoring Snow Removal Businesses

Snow removal businesses often face huge difficulties that other mobile workforces hardly ever have to consider. IndusTrack recently announced the launch of their IndusTrack Smartphone and Tablet app designed to make scheduling, monitoring and coordinating snow removal businesses much more simple and easy. Early users couldn’t be happier.

There’s little doubt for anyone who has worked within it even briefly, the snow removal business comes along with problems that can appear both quickly and frequently. With customers generally demanding jobs be finished on time, being able to answer these issues quickly can be the difference between a business’s success and failure. Scheduling software experts IndusTrack recently announced the launch of their IndusTrack Smartphone and Tablet app offering a way to more easily schedule, monitor and coordinate snow removal businesses in a win/win all around.

“We understand the ins and outs of snow removal businesses and our IndusTrack Smartphone and Tablet app was developed with that in mind,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “For a smart snow removal company, this can be the set of tools that puts them over the top to more profitability, less stress, more satisfied customers, and even happier employees.”

According to IndusTrack, the app allows companies to track the amount of time their workers spend on plowing vs salting and sidewalk service. The app also allows users to monitor job statuses, to do easy reports for billing, to track materials used for each customer’s job, to provide proof of service to customers, and deliver information accurate to the minute for the highest level of tracking ability.

Users have given the snow removal app positive feedback across the board.

Frank I., from Boston, recently said, “This is no exaggeration – IndusTrack changed the way we approach our snow removal business, almost completely and for the better, when it comes to making sure our business runs smoothly. Worth every penny. Five stars and fully recommended.”

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About IndusTrack

IndusTrack is a complete mobile workforce solution. They offer scheduling, timesheets, mobile forms, GPS and asset tracking. Their one-source platform is also integrated with QuickBooks and other back office software. Prior to IndusTrack, the founders started the design and consulting service business, Spectrum Solutions in 2002. As Spectrum, the team designed hundreds of GPS tracking/wireless solutions for other companies. The company had more than 40 engineers and was considered the premier design services business. In 2008, IndusTrack was created by this deeply experienced team brought together to address market challenges with tracking fleet and mobile workers.

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