PUB HTML5 Unveils HTML5 Flipbook As Ultimate Digital Publishing Service for 2015

Being one of the dominant providers of HTML5 digital publishing solutions, PUB HTML5 announces HTML5 Flipbook as the ultimate publishing service for 2015. Benefitting both the publisher and the reader, PUB HTML5 is known to deliver an incredible user experience. And with the recent mobile-friendly update by Google, mobile users can now find high-quality and relevant flipbooks without any hassle. With readable text that needs minimal or no tapping or zooming, this SEO optimized HTML5 flipbook stands as the trendsetter of future digital publishing solutions.

An affordable and effective digital publishing solution, PUB HTML5 renders the inclusion of enriched content like audios, videos, animations, image/video popups and slideshows. The ease to update pages and content distribution is also an added feature. But, the aspect that has makes PUB HTML5 stand out is its enhanced compatibility to almost all devices including mobile phones, tablets and desktop. While online publishers get endless opportunities to attract more and more readers, readers, on the other side, are also benefitted by mobile-friendly results that offer uniform reading experience.

Jason Chen, the Chief Technology Officer of PUB HTML5 said, “With updated technology and advanced features, PUB HTML5 will now facilitate creating of more innovative digital versions which are both mobile-friendly and searchable.” He also added, “This is a mobile era and those who do not have mobile-friendly web content may face a serious fall in mobile traffic from prominent search engines.”

Recognized as an interactive HTML5 digital publishing solution for magazines, brochures, catalogs and more, PUB HTML5 is one of its kinds. Its use completely erases the need of downloading PDFs and users can view documents by simply opening it on Flipbook. Besides, one can convert PDF, MS Office, OpenOffice to HTML5 & JQuery based interactive digital editions and can also customize the look of flipbook when the need arises. From colors, bookmarks, logos, backgrounds, graphics to toolbars and more, all can be customized to match the needs of company as well as customers. 

Allowing readers to manage their online content with utmost ease, this HTML5 based flipbook makes use of Cloud platform to deliver secure, speedy user experiences anywhere, anytime and on any device. Offering users with supreme reliability and security, PUB HTML5 has everything that makes it fitting digital publishing solution for modern IT world. “HTML5 Flipbook is for expedient viewing where readers can view their digital content when and where they want to,” said Jason Chen, PUB HTML5 Spokesman. Perhaps one can create a ZIP Folder and save it on a CD/DVD or USB drive and then offer it as promotional stuff at trade fair and road shows.

Built with the intention of delivering the best for its users, PUB HTML5 helps one upload, preview and track all the content like a breeze. Fully customizable features, SEO-friendly publications and their easy integration with major social media platforms are some other features that make it an ultimate digital publishing service for 2015

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