Learn the ancient art of internal cultivation — ENTER MO PAI by James Van Gelder

For over 2,000 years, the ancient internal cultivation system of Mo Pai has been secretly handed down by meditation masters throughout Asia. This ancient art is believed to be focused not only towards the development of an individual on a physical level but also on a level with regards to the afterlife. The author, James Van Gelder, now brings this legendary art for everyone with his new book “Enter Mo Pai: The Ancient Training of Immortals.”

The sacred meditation practice of Mo Pai has its originating roots in the mountains of China. It is believed that the one who masters Mo Pai reserves the ability to consciously navigate his/her soul after the death of their physical body, freeing them from the continuous cycle of death & rebirth. In his book, Van Gelder has described the 72 levels of Mo Pai in detailin order to help students understand not only the Mo Paitraining itself, but also its true meaning, challenges,& advantages.

Mo Pai works on two fundamental life force energies – Yin Chi & Yang Chi; gathering, harnessing & fusing them in order to enhance the inner capabilities of the human body. This book, with reference to several Mo Pai masters of the past & with the help of visuals & quotes, helps students understand the 72 levels& provides secrets to harnessing & fusingYin Chi & Yang Chi thus helping readers to go beyond the perceived boundaries of human capabilities.

Reportedly, Author Van Gelderhas himself studied various energy cultivation techniques around the globe, including Western Hermetics, Daoist Energy Cultivation, Tibetan Buddhist Alchemy & Indian Kundilini Yoga & used his knowledge & experience to compare, in this book, Mo Pai with other systems of energy cultivation. This will help readers understand what meditation & ascension originally are. The book presents expansion on the precious knowledge left behind by Kostas Danaos & Jim McMillan, two of the great western students of Mo Pai, who have experienced the power contained in the art of Mo Pai.

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