The new upgrade of sewing equipment and accessory parts, annex resource website success on-line! all-round display all kinds of before sewing equipment, sewing equipment, after sewing equipment, embroidery equipment, cases & bags, leather, household sewing equipment, energy-saving motors and other equipment and parts and accessories for the picture, technical data, the new on-line “Web Parts list” collect finishing sewing equipment commonly used in all kinds of parts list and parts exploded diagram. The site offers powerful search function, so you can easily find the machine and spare parts products, and provide online consultation and orders to buy service.

The site is still being developed, has a collection of product physical picture and related parameters of 10000, parts list 20000 records, the future will continue to included more machine and spare parts information, add more languages, for more of the masses of users to buy Chinese made sewing equipment and accessories products to provide a strong information, is committed to “create global preferred sewing equipment and related products e-commerce platform” as the company’s ambitious goals.

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Sewparts.Net was founded in 2009, is the world’s first one large cross-border E-commerce platform (including B2B and B2C), professional engaged in online sales of sewing equipment industrial sewing machine and spare parts. Relying on Chinese advantages of centralized as global sewing equipment production power, set 20 years experience of the entrepreneurial team in sewing equipment industry, designed for businesses and consumers around the world more convenient, fast, comprehensive purchase Chinese production of all kinds of sewing equipment and related products, provide the whole solution for E-commerce. is a collection of all kinds of sewing equipment and related parts, accessories resources, such as: Clothing, footwear, bags, home textiles and household life field. Insist on purchasing the one hand source of goods, direct from the manufacturer and large supplier, build a platform for cross-border E-commerce, it is characteristic of product variety complete, affordable, reliable quality, fast shipping, customer service guarantee, all-round one-stop. pays attention to: Ideological innovation, Extensive cooperation, Customer participation and integration of resources.

Business philosophy: Considerate service to every customer! is committed to create lofty goals of the world’s FIRST sewing equipment and related products E-commerce platform, to create a new generation of E-commerce portal site.

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