PUB HTML5 Page Flip Software Brings Mobile Friendliness to Digital Books

“PUB HTML5 Page Flip Book Publishing Platform”
Page flip software is the latest trend in eBooks and digital publishing. PUB HTML5 is helping individual authors and digital publishers compete in a world they were previously shut out of.

Google’s Material Design has changed the face of the Internet and how companies present themselves on the web. Google’s Mobile Friendly Update creates challenges for some in how their website or materials will be ranked. However, by meeting these changes with the technology options available, small and mid-sized business will not be left behind. Converting files from PDF to page flip book using PUB HTML5 page flip software will make them mobile and tablet friendly, and continue to allow for optimal search engine ranking. However, SEO isn’t the only reason why people are moving to page flip software. Its attractiveness and easy to use features mimic book reading motions that people are already accustomed to.

People read left to right and flip pages right to left. They don’t automatically scroll up and down, as they would with PDF files. Being able to replicate what the eyes and hands already do makes a product more attractive to consumers. PUB HTML5 provides its latest page flip software to publishers, helping them avoid getting left behind on mobile. The software enables publishers to create both desktop and mobile friendly books in order to stay competitive in the mobile world.

“Our product stands out because it is attractive and easy to use,” CTO Jason Chen explains.  “It’s easy to create a flipbook and it’s easy to read a flipbook. In todays on demand world you have to provide a product quickly and it has to be attractive or people will go to someone else that will.”

The base version of PUB HTML5 is free to use and explore. Individual authors and small businesses may never need more than the free version. Digital publishers interested in trying out the software before making a commitment can use this option to ascertain value.

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