IsA-Kitchen Silicone Gloves Are Quickly Becoming An Amazon Bestseller

The company behind an innovative pair of heat resistant, multifunctional gloves announces the evolving success of their product on Amazon.

Oceanside, CA – June 1, 2015 – The noted kitchenware company IsA-Kitchen is pleased to announce that their innovative pair of Silicone Heat Resistant Barbecue and Grill Gloves are quickly rising in the online Amazon bestseller charts. Since the IsA-Kitchen Silicone Heat Resistant Barbecue and Grill Gloves were released earlier this year, they have quickly made an unprecedented name for themselves as one of the best barbecue and kitchen accessories. The best meals are often served at home. Whether it is grilled meat, sizzling seafood, or crispy vegetables, a hot place of fresh homemade food is always a delicious idea. Home chefs that enjoy cooking on the barbecue, grill, or in the oven will benefit from using IsA-Kitchen’s innovate pair of heat resistant gloves that are designed to enhance the at-home cooking experience.

The IsA-Kitchen Silicone Heat Resistant Barbecue and Grill Gloves act as the ultimate kitchen gadget and perfect replacement for standard oven mitts and barbecue tongs. The gloves are multipurpose and can be used when barbecuing, handling hot foods from the oven, grilling, camping outside, and changing light bulbs. To ensure everyone is able to use the gloves comfortably, they were designed to fit and form to hands of all sizes. The silicone gloves are FDA-approved, BPA-free, waterproof, and dishwasher safe. The gloves are comfortable to wear and feature a 10 finger non-slip grip. Most importantly, the IsA-Kitchen Silicone Heat Resistant Barbecue and Grill Gloves are completely safe and offer heat resistant durability up to 425 degrees.

“Our new gloves are extremely versatile and multifunctional. They are the perfect addition to a family camping trip, barbecue dinner, or baking party. We are confident that our silicone gloves will become a staple item for every kitchen. The strong silicone grip works as the ideal material for washing fruits, handling slippery items, and holding hot foods.”

IsA-Kitchen offers their Silicone Heat Resistant Barbecue and Grill Gloves exclusively online at Amazon, where the gloves are quickly gaining popularity. To date, over 70 customers have left raving reviews about the gloves, detailing their many benefits and uses. Several customers have said that the gloves are perfect for camping trips and one particular reviewer remarked that the gloves were a “great investment for the family kitchen.” The gloves currently have an overall average review score of 4.9 out of 5. IsA-Kitchen proudly provides each of their customers with a hassle free lifetime guarantee and professional customer service.

For a limited time only, IsA-Kitchen offer this Silicone Heat Resistant Barbecue and Grill Gloves with promotion price at $12.99, this is to mark the beginning of summer.  Buyer needs to input the coupon code SUMMER72 when check-out. To purchase the gloves and find out more information about them, visit the Amazon page directly at

IsA-Kitchen also offering spiralizer at a very competitive price at $12.99, this is a perfect product to prepare your salad to chill you down when you have BBQ/grill for your meal, especially during summer time.

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